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Synonyms for alveolate

pitted with cell-like cavities (as a honeycomb)

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Gruet Y (1972) Aspects morphologiques et dynamiques de constructions de l'annelide polychete Sabellaria alveolata (Linne).
Gruet Y, Bodeur Y (1994) Selection des grains de sable selon leur nature et leur forme par Sabellaria alveolata Linne (Polychete, Sabellariide) lors de la reconstruction experimentale de son tube.
Remarks: The synonymy of Trochus instrictus Gould, 1849,Monodonta alveolata Adams, 1853 and M.
lanceolatae; receptacula plana alveolata (alveolis scalariformibus).
Sabellaria alveolata (family Sabellariidae) is a gregarious tube-dwelling polychaete from Western Europe that builds its tube by assembling sand grains and mollusc shell fragments with an organic cement.
alveolata was also estimated by quantitative real-time PCR analyses.
The dolphins and seals are frequently seen from the shore as well as from boats, and the reefs made by the honeycomb worms - sabellaria alveolata can be seen at low tide in most parts of the bay.
5 mm latae extus glabrae; receptacula conica alveolata dense lanata.
Strathmann (1987) concluded that larvae of Sabellaria alveolata captured particles between opposed bands of cilia.
Representatives of the stramenopiles were again encountered, as well as members of Rhizaria and Alveolata.
Larval neurogenesis in Sa-bellaria alveolata reveals plasticity in polychaete neural patterning.
The values obtained, 1-30 copies per cell, are within the range of 2 to >100, documented range for the Alveolata, the phylum to which dinoflagellates belong (Shippen-Lentz and Vezza, 1988; Dalrymple, 1990; Guay et al.
However, larvae of the only sabellariids in which larval feeding has been studied, Sabellaria alveolata and S.