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a bronchodilator (trade name Alupent) used to treat asthma and emphysema and other lung conditions

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The recall was initiated after a single canister of ATROVENT(R) (ipratropium bromide) Inhalation Aerosol was discovered by the Company among the ALUPENT lot #951051A.
Although it is unlikely that any individual patient may receive or has received ATROVENT Inhalation Aerosol mislabeled as ALUPENT Inhalation Aerosol, patients should be aware that the use of this mislabeled ALUPENT Inhalation Aerosol may result in significantly decreased therapeutic response.
Alupent (metaproterenol sulfate) is used by people with asthma as a bronchodilator to help them breathe easier.
is voluntarily recalling three lots of Alupent Inhalation Aerosol, a metered dose inhaler.
The letter advises that "in no case should patients abruptly discontinue use of their Alupent Inhalation Aerosol.