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a short stretch of railroad track used to store rolling stock or enable trains on the same line to pass

material applied to the outside of a building to make it weatherproof

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Manufacturers of vinyl and aluminum siding emphasize that their products are guaranteed for as long as you own your home: a claim that pretends to be a lifetime guarantee.
It was suggested that replacing the aluminum siding on the "new'' addition could possibly help to tighten up that portion of the house.
According to local press reports, once completed, the facility will be capable of receiving and melting aluminum scrap, such as UBCs, aluminum siding and scrap from can manufacturing plants.
Air conditioners throughout Indianapolis have been hit, and aluminum siding has been torn from homes.
Not to mention that ID is just Creationism with a container load of aluminum siding tacked on.
In addition to iron and copper being in demand, aluminum siding and sheet and any form of stainless scrap are also being welcomed by scrap dealers and brokers.
A washing machine, lawn tractor, quart of milk, aluminum siding, eggs, work boots, a dozen steaks and a freezer to put them in.
In fact, bird droppings have been known to eat through paint, aluminum siding and even metal.
For example, the manufacture of aluminum siding requires five times more energy than wood siding.
Gas stoves with fake logs and one-dimensional flames look about as much to me like real wood burners as aluminum siding looks like cedar.
Birders have heard most of the world's 214 woodpecker species drum, slamming their bills into trees, aluminum siding, and other hard surfaces to create a rapid-fire pattern of loud strikes.
For adding insulated vinyl or aluminum siding, at an average cost of $9,052, Remodeling's city-by-city payback estimates range from 30% in Boise, Idaho, to 128% in Ridgewood, NJ.