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And there are sewage treatment systems that can effectively remove phosphates by precipitating them with the addition of specific calcium, iron, or aluminum compounds.
In the deodorants segment the desire to go natural has meant a growing number of consumers are shunning products formulated with aluminum compounds and moving instead to products made with only naturally occurring ingredients.
Parabens, aluminum compounds and phthalates are additives commonly found in many deodorants that have been linked to many health issues, including breast cancer, Alzheimer's Disease and allergic reactions.
These colors are dependent on the presence or absence of aluminum compounds and the acidity of the soil.
The company feels that the 6000 series can be shaped and machined for more creativity, giving the company more design flexibility than 7000 series or metal matrix aluminum compounds.
By making your own baking powder you eliminate some sodium and all the toxic aluminum compounds that are often added to commercial brands.
Water quality criteria in these two disparate situations can often be met by using chemicals, especially aluminum compounds, to inactivate nutrients.
Aluminum compounds (such as Amphojel and Alternagel).