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"By removing propylene glycol and aluminum chlorohydrate while working with the best certified organic ingredients found in nature, we are giving consumers an all-natural stick deodorant they can trust completely."
Most deodorants contain a variety of hazardous chemicals, such as aluminum chlorohydrate, and fragrances.
Aluminum chlorohydrate (ACH) and blended inorganic/organic products are widely used to reduce chemical solids production.
The revolutionary roll-on product, which has been tested by dermatologists for gentleness on the skin, uses the highest level of the active ingredient aluminum chlorohydrate (25%) that is allowed by the Food and Drug Administration.
With aluminum chlorohydrate worries prominent in news reports these days, archery hunters and everyone else should be using Deer-Odorant.
The segment was first expanded to include antiperspirants with the addition of the ingredient aluminum chlorohydrate during the late 1940s.
49.0 Phase C Aluminum chlorohydrate 40.0 PROCEDURE: Heat phase A to 80[degrees]C.