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By removing propylene glycol and aluminum chlorohydrate while working with the best certified organic ingredients found in nature, we are giving consumers an all-natural stick deodorant they can trust completely.
Paraben free, chemical free, alcohol free, and aluminum chlorohydrate free
With aluminum chlorohydrate worries prominent in news reports these days, archery hunters and everyone else should be using Deer-Odorant.
Products manufactured and distributed by ALTIVIA include Sodium Hypochlorite, Aluminum Sulfate, Aluminum Chlorohydrate, AQUALUM, Chlorine, Sodium Hydroxide (Caustic) and Sulfuric Acid.
It is comprised of at least one antiperspirant active agent chosen from aluminum chlorohydrate and its complexes; at least one solidifying agent which is a mixture of natural wax and polyethylene wax each having a melting point greater than 80[degrees]C; and at least one inorganic or organic base, wherein the stick is free of ethanol, isopropanol, soap and dibenzylidene sorbitol.