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acting to neutralize acid (especially in the stomach)

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"The shrink rate between aluminum and magnesium makes it so that we're able to use the same hard tooling to create castings in either material.
Gibbs is known for our ability to ran a large variety of alloys of aluminum and magnesium, including many high-ductility aluminum alloys.
Instead, it bases its stabilizers on a number of other metals--including calcium, zinc, aluminum and magnesium. Noting the importance of matching the rheology of lead-stabilized PVC compounds, the company sells its products as "onepacks" consisting of both stabilizer and customized lubricant, says Kaseler.
The grant is intended to help UWM take cast aluminum and magnesium nanocomposites from the laboratory to large-scale production.
Other product assemblies have capitalized on the combined advantages of aluminum and magnesium. CWM produced 11 near-net shape AZ91D magnesium alloy and 380 aluminum alloy parts for a professional video camera housing, interchangeable electronics module and base (which required light weight, EMI shielding and thin wall rigidity) used at sporting events.
This article will develop estimates of the fuel efficiency improvements and the reduction in gasoline costs and C[O.sub.2] emissions due to the use of lightweight aluminum and magnesium castings.
Much of the "headline news" has been on light metals such as aluminum and magnesium. Cast aluminum has long been used for mass reduction in powertrain and transmission applications, but structural applications have grown only in the last decade or so.
Although aluminum is often cast via lost foam, there are a number of differences between aluminum and magnesium that could prohibit this process in magnesium.
They are caused by oxidation of aluminum and magnesium.
USER--Werkzeugbau Schaufler, Laichingen, Germany, ranks among the top European diemakers, and specializes in manufacturing dies for aluminum and magnesium castings.