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Synonyms for combat




  • support
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Synonyms for combat

to strive in opposition

a hostile encounter between opposing military forces

Synonyms for combat

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There was the creation of Kerry Packer's World Series Cricket, which threatened to split the world game before helping revolutionise it, the famous aluminium bat that prompted a change in the game's laws, and the infamous mid-pitch set-to with Pakistan's Javed Miandad.
Lillee's own career was punctuated by a stand-off with Mike Brearley over an aluminium bat, an alleged kung-fu kick at Pakistani batsman Javed Miandad and a defection to Kerry Packer's pirate circus.
Lewes Crown Court heard that Mr Thompson's martial arts training helped him to defend himself as his wife swung at him with the aluminium bat.
Play held up for 10 minutes when England captain Mike Brearley objected to Dennis Lillee's aluminium bat.
MIKE BREARLEY - Perth 1979: Brearley objected to Dennis Lillee using an aluminium bat.
The first exclusive clip for the series shows the jousters practice for the real fight by getting hit by three aluminium bats, while in the second clip a jouster is seen getting back up after taking what is described as a "devastating hit".
Aluminium bats and Boycott-induced run-outs used to be the sole sources of flashpoints in cricket.