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an implement used in baseball by the batter

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He hit her to the head repeatedly before picking up an aluminium baseball bat and hitting her across her legs.
Ted Ingle was beaten to death by Blake - his then lover - who used an aluminium baseball bat to bludgeon him in the home they shared in Tranent, East Lothian, in 1994.
A black belt in karate, he once pointed an aluminium baseball bat at a reporter, saying, `Guys who f*** with me get to meet my buddy here.'
Then three men - one of them carrying a handgun and two wielding an axe and an aluminium baseball bat - stormed into the casino.
As blows rained down on him - someone even battered him with a mobile phone - Campbell fought his way to his car, opened the boot and emerged wielding an aluminium baseball bat.
They'd found an aluminium baseball bat with Katrina's blood on and traces of her blood in their garage.
Foster said he struck her just once with an aluminium baseball bat in self-defence before leaving the room, only to return and find her struggling for breath with the knife stuck in her throat.
The two young women were beaten unconscious with an aluminium baseball bat in the Chicago suburb of Bucktown last Friday.
Natasha, 23, from Silverbridge, Co Armagh, and her American friend Stacy Jurich were on their way back to Stacy's home when they were mugged and beaten with an aluminium baseball bat early on Friday morning.