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Land use, physiography and degradation in the northeastern department Alumine, Neuquen
Estevez y Lopez Ruf; Argentina, Neuquen, Alumine, 20/I/1958, N.
In the eighteenth century, French chemists named the mysterious metallic base element of alum alumine. British chemist Sir Humphrey Davy (1778--1829) renamed this yet-unseen metal "alumium" and later "aluminium." Finally, in 1827, German chemist Friedrich Wohler chemically reduced aluminium chloride to isolate relatively pure "aluminium." (Variant forms of the name arose early and persist to this day, as an Internet search will confirm.
Le basalte calco-alcalin de Ia Formation sus-jacente d'Oak Mountain comprend des basaltes faible et forte teneur en alumine comme ceux formes lors de l'etablissement dun arc d'accretioncontinental.
On the eastern slopes of the mountains of South America, Araucaria forests grow in sites with widely different average annual rainfall, between 74.8 in (1,900 mm) in the rainiest sites and only 23.6 in (600 mm) in Lake Alumine in the Argentinean province of Neuquen, where most of the precipitation falls as snow, while the summers are relatively dry.