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a compound of alumina and a metallic oxide

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Along the ash separation system, the content of free CaO and other free oxides decreases as the content of silicates and aluminates increases.
Samples of Eu and Dy-doped strontium aluminates were prepared by a solid state reaction.
1 Calcium Magnesium Aluminate Flux--The New Synthetic Fluxing Materials
In this paper, inclusions shape of chemically characterized calcium aluminates found in hot worked pipeline steel are presented and explanations are given on the possible role of inclusions' composition on the nature of their deformation.
It has been shown for alumina-supported cobalt catalysts that the high partial pressure of water promotes the formation of Co-phases with reduction properties similar to cobalt aluminates (Tavasoli et al.
Surfactants offered: titanate, zirconate and aluminate coupling agents
A Review and Current Use of Titanates, Zirconates, and Aluminates in Coatings"--Salvatore J.
Vanderberry brings 18 years of public corporation experience from her prior roles as Vice President of Finance & Administration of Lafarge Calcium Aluminates and Assistant Controller of Ecolochem.
The new toilet seat is made of solid moulded plastic impregnated with strontium aluminates, a non-radioactive phosphorescent pigment "with e xtreme afterglow" say the manufacturers.
The first chemistry paper in 1929 was by Thorbergur Thorvaldson of the University of Saskatchewan on the hydration of the aluminates of calcium.
As a liquid at steel temperatures, Ca aluminates improve the metal flow and lessen the blockage, allowing a tighter pouring stream with less surface to reoxidize.
Large quantities of fuel are needed for preheating raw materials and keeping kiln temperatures high enough to produce the calcium silicate and aluminates that represent modern cement mixtures.
manufactures the Reliner MSP cement, pure fused calcium aluminates and EPA verified epoxy coatings for rehabilitating existing manholes, horizontal sewerage pipes and bends, and corrugated metal pipe culverts (CMP) to 120 inches using high strength, "cast-in-place" cement liner technology.
BRISBANE - Orica Ltd , a mining and agricultural manufacturer, has acquired Aluminates Chemical Industries (ACI) for $A14 million ($US11.