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a compound of alumina and a metallic oxide

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The gypsum is also highly soluble and the sulfates react with the aluminates to form the mineral ettringite.
The interaction of copper with the support is revealed through the formation of copper aluminate, Cu[Al.
Along the ash separation system, the content of free CaO and other free oxides decreases as the content of silicates and aluminates increases.
Spectroscopic data of synthesized aluminates complex are reported as IR (KBr): 3380, 3315, 3225, 3010, 2958, 2874, 2735, 2360, 1950, 1475, 1382, 1158, 463, 453, 1061, 879, 885 [cm.
Materis supplies the construction industry with speciality building materials like aluminates, admixtures, mortars and paints.
Samples of Eu and Dy-doped strontium aluminates were prepared by a solid state reaction.
As the alkaline aluminates are formed by solid states reactions in the solid phase (Fig.
1 Calcium Magnesium Aluminate Flux--The New Synthetic Fluxing Materials
Mehran Rezaei, a member of academic staff at Kashan University is the researcher who has synthesized nanocrystalline magnesium aluminates to better nickel catalyst used in methane reforming process.
More recent studies have dealt with the calcium aluminates type of inclusions present in steel and their deformation behaviour during the hot working process (Faulring, and Farrell et al.
Significant amount of water formed in the last catalytic beds during the FT synthesis is responsible for the formation of the small amounts of cobalt aluminates in bed 3 and noteworthy amounts of cobalt aluminates in bed 4 (Jacobs et al.
The inclusions, too, are a function of the steel-making, and include oxides, silicates, aluminates, and sulfides.
A Review and Current Use of Titanates, Zirconates, and Aluminates in Coatings"--Salvatore J.
The new toilet seat is made of solid moulded plastic impregnated with strontium aluminates, a non-radioactive phosphorescent pigment "with e xtreme afterglow" say the manufacturers.
The first chemistry paper in 1929 was by Thorbergur Thorvaldson of the University of Saskatchewan on the hydration of the aluminates of calcium.