aluminium hydroxide

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white crystalline compound that occurs naturally as the mineral gibbsite

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Fillers include calcium carbonates, kaolin clays, alumina trihydrates, wood and fiber flocks, wood flours, micas, magnesium carbonates, and precipitated amorphous silica.
fine precipitated alumina trihydrate (ATH) flame retardants based on Albemarle's proprietary technology principally used in wire and cable applications.
ACM-MH 95 magnesium hydroxide serves as a flame-retardant filler, releasing water of hydration like alumina trihydrate, but is able to withstand processing temperatures to 625 F vs.
Literature is available describing the company's alumina trihydrate and calcium carbonate industrial grade products.
The product with the largest volume usage, alumina trihydrate (ATH), will continue to grow and maintain its number one volume ranking, but it will increase at a slower rate than other flame relardant products.
Non Halogen * Alumina trihydrate * Magnesium hydroxide * Zinc borate * Phosphorus * Intumescence
1 World Flame Retardant Demand by Region 432 World Flame Retardant Demand by Product 473 World Alumina Trihydrate Flame Retardant Demand 524 World Brominated Flame Retardant Demand 565 World Phosphorus Flame Retardant Demand 606 World Chlorinated Flame Retardant Demand 627 World Antimony Flame Retardant Demand 658 World Boron Flame Retardant Demand 679 World Other Flame Retardant Demand 7010 World Flame Retardant Demand by Market 7211 World Electrical & Electronic Markets for Flame Retardants 7612 World Construction Market for Flame Retardants 8013 World Wire & Cable Market for Flame Retardants 8214 World Motor Vehicle Market for Flame Retardants 8515 World Textiles Market for Flame Retardants 8816 Other World Markets for Flame Retardants 90
Standard grinds of alumina trihydrate between 2 and 30 microns.
Price increases for most products, except alumina trihydrate, would impact the average annual growth rate of the market's sales.
Los Angeles, CA, as distributor for the states of California, Nevada, and Arizona for their alumina trihydrate (aluminum trihydroxide) product line.
HEM has been a trusted supplier of flame retardants and smoke suppressants for more than 30 years and produces value-added alumina trihydrate (ATH), magnesium hydroxide (MDH) and molybdate-based products and provides technical expertise for a variety of end-use applications, including carpet backing, fiber reinforced plastics, roofing, silicone rubber and wire and cable.
Overall, the most important flame-retardant chemicals used in the United States are said to be alumina trihydrate (ATH) and brominated compounds.
Non-halogenated types will benefit from safety concerns with alumina trihydrate as the most important type of flame retardant used in the US market in volume terms, with 46 percent of total volume sales.
Raw materials, fillers and petroleum products for the chemical process industries are featured in the company's six-page folder, including aluminum silicates, alumina trihydrate, aromatic oils, barium sulfate, blowing agents, calcium carbonate, kaolin clays, fatty acids, iron oxides, magnesium carbonates, magnesium hydroxide, magnesium oxide, microcrystalline wax, mold release agents, naphthenic oils, paraffinic oils, paraffin wax, petrolatums, plasticizers, rubber accelerators, slab dips, solvents, stearates, sulfur, white mineral oils, zinc borate, zinc dust and zinc oxide.
The addition of the Kemgard portfolio strengthens Huber's current alumina trihydrate (ATH) and magnesium hydroxide (MDH) product portfolio and leverages Huber's expertise in offering a wider spectrum of non-halogen flame retardant solutions.