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large genus of flowering herbs of temperate regions

a bowed stringed instrument slightly larger than a violin, tuned a fifth lower

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Among the musicians are Larry Taylor (bass); Matt Brubeck (cello); Bebe Risenfors (Stroh Violin, alto viola, bass clarinet, marimba, clarinet, baby bass); Dawn Harms (violin, Stroh Violin); Carla Kihlstedt (violin); Colin Stetson (baritone saxophone, clarinet); Eric Perney (bass); Ara Anderson (trumpet, baritone horn) and Nik Phelps (French horn, trumpet).
Originally this volume of the Telemann Musikalische Werke was to include the six works published as the composer's Quatrieme livre de quatuors a flute, violin, alto viola et basse (Paris: Le Clerc/Boivin, after 1752; dated ca.