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a musician who plays the alto saxophone


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He took an alto saxophone and made us one with eagles ...
Parts are included for both alto saxophone in E-flat and tenor saxophone in B-flat, and these tunes would work quite well for soprano saxophone (playing from the tenor part) and baritone saxophone (playing from the alto part), as well.
On Monday night, the program, called "An Hour with the Gershwins" featured Jim Smith on the keyboard and piano, Bruce Boone on tenor saxophone, Melinda Tolley providing vocals, Cody Sandusky on piano, Greg Hodson on alto saxophone and vocals and Jim Manley on trumpet performing a variety of crowd-pleasing Gershwin tunes.
Your Sound: Live at Dizzy's Club Coca-Cola is a jazz album featuring the musical genius of master performer Jay Rodriguez, who showcases his gift on the tenor saxophone, alto saxophone, flute, and bass clarinet.
Hsueh-Yung Shen's The Lion and the Horse is for alto saxophone and natural horn.
A $20,000 grant to the Eugene Symphony from the National Endowment for the Arts will help pay for a musical residency and concert in January with jazz master and alto saxophone virtuoso Branford Marsalis.
The group included bassist Pete Williams, drummer Bobby Junior, keyboard player Pete Saunders, Jeff "JB" Blythe on tenor saxophone, Steve "Baby Face" Spooner on alto saxophone and trombonist Big Jim Paterson.
SCHOOL ACTIVITIES: National Honor Society, Grades 10-12, treasurer, Grade 12; Eagles Girls Basketball Team, Grades 10-12, captain, Grades 11 and 12; Nashoba Youth Orchestra, principal second violinist, Grade 10; Immaculate Heart of Mary School band, principal alto saxophone, Grades 10-12; Trivium School Girls Soccer Team, Grade 9; weekly violin lessons and semiannual concerts, Grades 9-12.
Friday: Guitarist Tom Ford has Sam Watts on piano and Mike Fletcher on alto saxophone - the band is called Horse House and it's in the Symphony Hall cafe bar from 5pm.
As they launched into Bottom by The Bum Notes, (the theme tune to the TV comedy series) the alto saxophone, tenor saxophone player and trumpet players made their entrance walking around the crowd before joining the rest of the band on stage.
The band Ari Roland Quartet brought Ari Jon Roland on Bass, Zaid Nabeel Naseer on Alto Saxophone, Christopher Lawrence Byars on Tenor Saxophone and Keith Gregory Balla on Drums to create a fusion with Pakistani instrumentalists like Aamir Husain on Sitar, Mohammad Ajmal on Tabla and Muhammad Salman on Flute.
The ensemble, headed by alto saxophone player Martin Speake, offers standard tunes with all the invention and improvisation for which this top-line musician is known.
Simone, who sings and plays lead alto saxophone in the band, has played with prestigious artists such as Paul Weller, John Williams, Ivy Benson Show Band and performed a saxophone solo on the Paul Merton TV show.
Jack Wyllie's impressive alto saxophone solos and Duncan Bellamy's shimmering beat-perfect performance on drums were underpinned by Milo Fitzpatrick's double bass riffs.