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a city in southeastern Germany on the Elbe River

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The biggest interruption of the red granite panelling occurs at the south facade, where the wide entrance hall with a glass curtain wall opens to the Altmarkt.
Dresdner Imitationen im Schatten der Frauenkirche: Vom Historischen Neumarkt zu den Sandstein-Tapeten am Altmarkt.
from being permitted to remind us of such humiliating images as the incident in the Altmarkt in Dresden, where 6,865 corpses were burned on pyres in February 1945 by an SS detachment which had gained its experience at Treblinka," (25) which does not quite equate the German victims in Dresden with the Jewish victims of the Holocaust, but does juxtapose them.
The two volumes are connected by a green steel scaffolding, Which serves to connect the roof greenhouse to the public access on the altmarkt and adjoins the adjoining building on gutenbergstrae.
Located in Altmarkt Square, in the city's historical city centre, the Dresden 7 BRUSSELS November 27 - January 3 BRUSSELS' Christmas market is open for five weeks in total.
It runs throughout December at the Dresdner Altmarkt.