altitude sickness

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effects (as nosebleed or nausea) of oxygen deficiency in the blood and tissues at high altitudes

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Incidence and symptoms of high altitude illness in South Pole workers: Antarctic study of altitude physiology (ASAP).
The researchers also found that taking acetazolamide (ACZ), a drug frequently prescribed to prevent altitude illness, can reduce some of the risk factors associated with SHAI.
Common conditions such as hypertension, coronary artery disease, diabetes and pregnancy do not affect susceptibility to altitude illness.
These may help prevent altitude illness but they do have some side effects.
Doctors also might want to write prescriptions for malaria, altitude illness or travelers' diarrhea, according to the CDC.
The results of a clinical trial will be published online today in Annals of Emergency Medicine("Ibuprofen Prevents Altitude Illness: A Randomized Control Trial for Prevention of Altitude Illness with Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatories (PAINS)").
Later chapters detail appropriate responses to injuries involving the bones and soft tissue, toxins and allergies, hypothermia, lightning, altitude illness, and common medical problems.