flea beetle

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any small leaf beetle having enlarged hind legs and capable of jumping

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Furthermore, many chysomelid beetles, whether placed in the Alticinae or Galerucinae in the literature, are known to possess defense glands in the adult stage.
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Plagiotelum irinum Solier Tetragonoderes aeneus Dejean Tetragonoderes chalceus Chaudoir Tetragonoderes viridis Dejean Trechisibus nigripennis Solier Trirammatus unistriatus (Dejean) Cerambycidae Calydon submetallicum Blanchard Eryphus laetus (Blanchard) Chrysomelidae Alticinae gen.
Order Family Subfamily Genus Coleoptera Curculionidae Ephiceus Geraeus Chrysomelidae Galerucinae Diabrotica Cassidinae Chelymorpa Acalymma Chrysomelinae Leptinotarsa Xegenocephaleus Chrysomelinae Crysomelidae Alticinae Chaetocnema Colaspis Coccinellidae Epilachna Hippodamia Hippodamia Epilachna Heteroptera Pentatomidae Nezara Nabidae Nabis Miridae Lygus Coreidae Leptoglossus Scutelleridae Pachycoris Reduviidae Sinea Homoptera Aphidae Myzus Hymenoptera Formicidae Myrmicinae atta sp.