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angular distance above the horizon (especially of a celestial object)

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The Bible is the oldest, most popular, the most accurate history book on the face of the earth," said Altes.
We conducted a specific study to determine the incidence of respiratory virus infections in all infants admitted after ALTEs during November 2004-December 2008.
Altes, who is director of clinical research in the department of radiology at Children's Hospital.
In conjunction with a group of local private developers, the city drew up a brief for a mixed-use civic and commercial complex in Innsbruck's historic heart, focused around a new town hall, with the Altes Rathaus (the original town hall) retained and refurbished.
Human security is imperilled not by blind fate or natural disaster but through man's irresponsibility,' former Dutch ambassador Edy Korthals Altes said.
Pledging to re-energize the Rally's brand, SETLA, LLC, an affiliate of ALTES, LLC, today announced that it has acquired 60 Rally's Hamburgers(R) restaurants in the Cleveland, Dayton and Columbus areas for $5.
Mies in Berlin" closes September II and travels to the Altes Museum, Berlin, in October.
Carol Altes has joined Ex-Cell as merchandise manager of the table linen division.
The jump jockey, who rode a double at Newton Abbot on Wednesday, has been booked to partner the Norwegian-trained Chasseur Royal in the Altes Badener Jadgrennen, a chase over an extended three miles and a furlong worth pounds 11,824.
Altes was President and CEO of the Albany-Colonie Regional Chamber of Commerce from 1990 to 2002.
Denny Altes, R-Fort Smith, not to file four bills after a briefing about the two least controversial proved to be the difference makers.
Nasdaq: CHKR) today announced that SELTA, LLC, an affiliate of ALTES, LLC, which currently owns 50 Rally's Hamburgers(R) restaurants, has acquired an additional 60 Rally's Hamburgers(R) restaurants from Snapp's Restaurants, Inc.
Edy Korthals Altes has spent most of his working life as a Dutch career diplomat, serving in New York, Sri Lanka, Paris, The Hague, Bonn, Rome, Jakarta, Brussels and Poland before his appointment as Ambassador to Spain.