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angular distance above the horizon (especially of a celestial object)

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The BRUE definition differs from that of an ALTE. First, the "life-threatening" qualifier has been removed from both the title and diagnostic criteria.
Generally speaking, Korthals Altes seeks to reconceptualize narratology as a metahermeneutic endeavor that she places on the overlap between hermeneutics (the domain of reasoning about value-laden interpretive pathways) and cognitive approaches (based on the idea that recipients use memorized mental models to make meaning).
A band can set up while the other plays, Altes explained.
Altes' bill passed the House of Representatives, hut was defeated in the Senate Education Committee.
Most descriptive data associated with ALTEs are collected from emergency department admissions, and thus, are not representative of those cases that go unevaluated.
But here, perhaps, there was more reason for the raw brickwork as there was once a projection on the south side attached to a bridge connecting with the back of the Altes Museum.
Our study was part of a systematic prospective study to assess the epidemiology of respiratory virus infections in children admitted to the Severo Ochoa Hospital (Leganes, Madrid Province, Spain).We conducted a specific study to determine the incidence of respiratory virus infections in all infants admitted after ALTEs during November 2004-December 2008.
One study of 59 previously healthy infants, for example, found that 14% of hospitalizations were ultimately proved necessary, and that a history of multiple ALTEs in 24 hours and age of 1 month or younger had a combined negative predictive value of 100% (Pediatrics 2007;119: 679-83).
University of Southern California researchers analysed histories of 153 infants with ALTEs for the risk factors of male predominance, gestational age, low birthweight, very low birthweight, incidence of being small for gestational age (SGA), age at the event, multiparity, maternal age and smoking.
Altes, who is director of clinical research in the department of radiology at Children's Hospital.
of Groningen, the Netherlands) and Korthals Altes (comparative and modern French literature, U.
Grayson, "Eunuchs in Power: Their Role in the Assyrian Bureaucracy," Alter Orient und Altes Testament 240, 1995, 85-98; W.
With the title "Faces of the Orient: 10,000 Years of Art and Culture from Jordan", an exhibition will be held in Berlin, Germany, at the Altes Museum on October 8, 2004, and later on at the Art Exhibition Hal in Bonn, on April 2005.
Stuttgarter Biblische Aufsatzbande Altes Testament, vol.