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the eleventh month of the civil year

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The new alternative vote system also lets non-members join the ballot for the first time.
Alternative Vote Plus (AV+) This |would see the voting system described above brought into use, but with an additional regional vote, which could force parties to campaign in places other than marginal seats.
Liberal Democrat Cabinet minister Chris Huhne accepted that there would be no further attempt to introduce voting reform during this Parliament saying it was "over" for the Alternative Vote.
But he appeared to leave the door open for the Lib Dems to attempt to introduce some other, more proportional, system in the future, telling Sky News: "I think it is over for the alternative vote. I think it is very clear that the people have spoken, that the alternative vote is not a runner and we must respect that decision."
She has seen for herself the pros and cons of the alternative vote system used to elect a mayor in North Tyneside, and like many in the Conservative party she is campaigning for a 'no' vote in tomorrow's referendum.
Lord Digby said that the Alternative Vote is better than the first-past-the-post system as it meant each elected MP would have the general backing of at least half of those constituents who voted."
He also accused Cameron of aligning himself with "reactionary interests" - from the BNP to the Communist Party - in opposing the introduction of the alternative vote.
VOTERS have to rank candidates by number in our proposed form of the AV (Alternative Vote) system.
A referendum on May 5 will decide if the Alternative Vote should be used as the new voting system to elect Westminster MPs.
London, United Kingdom, April 09, 2011 --(PR.com)-- The pre-referendum AV poll on breaking news site www.Blottr.com, the user generated news service that has become the catalyst for encouraging freedom of speech in the UK, has become a platform for Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg to emphatically declare his support for the Alternative Vote during the upcoming referendum on 5 May.
THE Liberal Democrats put voting reform at the top of their priorities when they thrashed out a coalition deal with the Conservatives, but the majority of punters are expecting the status quo to remain after the May 5 referundum on the Alternative Vote.
Those in favour of the alternative vote argue the system of one vote per voter is unrepresentative.
On May 5 there are local elections and a referendum on the alternative vote. The referendum we should be having is one on our continued membership of the European Union.
Unsure about how to vote in May's referendum on whether to switch the method of voting to Westminster from first past the post (FPTP) to the alternative vote (AV)?
After six months working for the Government, Ms Southern became a director for the No Campaign on the alternative vote referendum.
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