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the eleventh month of the civil year

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Under the Alternative Vote (AV) system, instead of putting a cross next to one person on a ballot paper as at present, voters rank candidates in order of preference.
But I tell you, I've never heard anyone say this: 'What I really want - what would finally restore my faith in politics - is the Alternative Vote System.
The alternative vote is far from perfect, but I'll take it over the current broken system any day of the week.
The final one is the Alternative Vote Plus system is essentially composed of two elements.
The poll will ask the public whether they want to adopt the Alternative Vote (AV) system for Westminster elections, which allows voters to rank candidates in order of preference.
The Liberal Democrats have said to the Conservative Party that they are only prepared to enter into a coalition agreement with a party that will change our electoral system to the alternative vote method of voting," Mr Hague said.
I CANNOT agree with David Cameron et al that the alternative vote system is unfair in that some votes will count two, three or even four times and some only once.
INMAY, the Government are proposing a UK-wide referendum on whether to keep the current First Past the Post system, or move to the Alternative Vote.
The Prime Minister warned that introducing the alternative vote (AV) system, under which voters rank candidates in order of preference, would be "a massive backward step for accountability and trust in our politics".
The heavyweight line-up is a significant boost to efforts to persuade the country to vote against switching from first-past-the-post to the alternative vote (AV) system for elections.
Gordon Brown's proposals would allow people to choose whether to adopt an Alternative Vote system which would allow them to rank candidates in order of preference.
Our group are in favour of changing this to the Alternative Vote (AV) system.
Dewsbury's Simon Reevell has announced he would support the "no" campaign in May's poll on the alternative vote (AV) system.
Therefore, although people shouldn't object to the Alternative Vote reform Bill that is being proposed by the ConDem Government, they should be very concerned by the democratic deficit that is prevalent amongst the arrogant members of the Cabinet as they consider electoral change.
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