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the practice of medicine without the use of drugs

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"So it is important we also review our contribution and how we plan for alternative systems in this crucial area," he said.
To assess the awareness and perception of pharmacovigilance among doctors practicing alternative systems of medicine in Tumkur, Southern India.
For years Green Alternative Systems has been recognized as a Ford Quality Vehicle Manufacturer installer, the highest honor they bestow on third-party companies.
We've incorporated the non-invasive systems of Panchakarma and Ayurveda and modern alternative systems of healthcare into one.
As a result, alternative systems presently used habitually produce non-membrane-localized, insoluble and misfolded products.
It is important to note that executing each of the four techniques may not be possible for every study, as it will depend on the extent of available reliability information for the proposed and alternative systems. In such cases, the analysis should include only the techniques that can be performed.
It provides more flexibility for smaller engines since alternative systems to ABS - called combined braking system (CBS) - will be tolerated in their case.
None of the flights, including 11 operated by foreign airlines, was in danger, the Transport Ministry said, with automatic switching of navigation to alternative systems.
The innovative Optima XEx design provides customers an unprecedented two-fold productivity increase over alternative systems, for optimized capital efficiency and lowest total operating costs," said Bill Bintz, senior vice president of marketing.
of in But the UK has led the throughout Europe in producing in alternative systems in preparation for the imminent European ban, produces more free-range eggs any other EU country - and demand continues to rise.
The principal example of this among the Western democracies has been the creation of alternative systems of Catholic schools in countries with a significant Catholic population but a public school system considered by the church hierarchy inappropriate for Catholic children.
In Brisbane, Australia the law obliges the use of one of the three alternative systems, whereas in Cyprus the Council of Minister decided that by the end of 2009 all establishments should replace the simple mechanism, with an alternative system.
Articles and regular columns in the new title examine developments in the law relating to the alternative systems including person-to-person money transfer systems (PayPal, etc.), electronic benefit cards, electronic gift cards, ACH networks, point-of-sale systems, debit cards, credit cards, ATMs, paper checks, cash and electronic fund transfers as well as such related issues as privacy demands and anti-money laundering.
Programs scheduled for the technical sessions include technology transfer, system management, standards for onsite sewage treatment, design and evaluation of innovative and alternative systems, educational programs, and diagnosing and remediating failures.
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