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the practice of medicine without the use of drugs

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Green Alternative Systems provides the highest quality conversion kits that are currently available in the industry, which have been tested by leading bodies such as the Altoona Bus Test.
provides superior safety & ease-of-use by covering more routes of exposure than alternative systems and by enabling faster use than other systems.
Therefore, when applying this technique to Risk Assessment and AoA, it is important to consider any differences in capabilities and operating environment that exist between the proposed and alternative systems.
Alternative systems, competing across the board with government-operated schools, seem to have stimulated the latter to be more efficient (as measured by cost) and more effective (as measured by outcomes) than systems in countries where no such competition exists.
Through this procedure, various alternative systems are proposed.
Alternative systems which can make working at height even safer include pulpits, podiums, towers and "zip-ups", says the Health and Safety Executive.
This international conference will examine the latest regulatory and environmental pressures affecting existing stabiliser chemistry and detail the newest alternative systems for rigid and flexible PVC formulations.
There's no denying that even the all-important human may be excluded from the biometrically-based alternative systems that are starting to enter the market," said Akira Taguchi, president of Kai Corporation.
Articles and columns discuss developments relating to new alternative systems, including person-to-person money transfer systems such as PayPal, electronic benefit cards, electronic gift cards and ACH networks.
Based on this plan, the alternative systems are considered and the optimal one is decided by using TOSIS method.
There are alternative systems out there available to purchasers, such as barn or free-range, but 50% of eggs sold at retail are from the cage system.
Unlike alternative systems that are limited to testing on sample strips, the PGX provides test data on materials of all shapes and sizes.
I was therefore greatly surprised to read a letter in The Guardian this week, signed by several Welsh and English La bour MPs, including Mr Hain's very own Welsh spokesperson, Albert Owen, urging Mr Clarke to publish his studies into alternative systems of student charges, so that a fully inf ormed debate could take place.
The Endura is a one piece moulded plastic tank and because it is lighter and less bulky than other alternative systems, installation is a one-man operation.
Other features include an ability to switch up to 4,096 x 2,432 channels - twice the bandwidth of alternative systems according to Mitel - and support for the compact PCI platform.
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