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the practice of medicine without the use of drugs

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Mrs Ocloo said this in Ashaiman, where the Dr Nyarkotey College of Holistic Medicine held a two-day conference on 'Africa Traditional and Alternative Medicine'.
Background: Complementary and alternative medicines (CAM) are sometimes used by individuals who desire to improve the outcomes of their fertility treatment and/or mental health during fertility treatment.
Dr Aslam explained that all medicines other than allopathic medicines are called alternative medicines.
It has also been reported that some reasons for using complementary and alternative medicines in Australia had been "works better or as good as conventional treatments", "fewer side effects than conventional treatments", "dissatisfaction with conventional treatments", "easier access than conventional treatments", "cheaper than conventional treatments".12 The most common reason for using complementary and alternative medicine in the Canadian patients with inflammatory bowel disease had been the ineffectiveness of conventional IBD therapy.13 The use of complementary and alternative medicine was more frequent in the inflammatory bowel disease patients with experience of adverse effects of conventional medications.
The terms holistic medicine, alternative medicine and complementary medicine have often been used interchangeably.
"Parents may not be aware of the risk associated with the use of alternative medicine, including adverse reactions, possible interactions with conventional asthma therapy, as well as delay in taking, and compliance with, effective asthma therapy.
In an earlier statement Al-Baddah said: "Alternative medicines that have not been approved by the Saudi Food and Drugs Administration (SFDA) could lead to people losing their lives." He made the comments at a speech he delivered in Riyadh entitled "Wrong Practices in Alternative Medicine."
of Strathclyde, UK) provides information on complementary and alternative medicines most frequently requested in community pharmacies and hospitals, with a focus on those used in the UK.
Representatives and practitioners from the alternative medicine industry called, on 17 December, for revision of EU legislation seen as leading to a significant reduction in the number of alternative medicines on the market.
Although the number of controlled trials conducted to assess effectiveness of various alternative treatments have increase substantially, how complementary and alternative medicines work is not clearly understood by patients or practitioners.
A critical look at alternative medicines and what really works.
The updated third edition of this survey of alternative medicine is a 'must' reference for any serious healthcare collection: it offers general readers tips on widely used CAM therapies, guidelines for their success and safety, and describes medical systems which have evolved from cooperation between traditional and alternative medicines.
The use of complementary and alternative medicines by patients with peripheral neuropathy.
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