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Synonyms for hypothesis

Synonyms for hypothesis

a belief used as the basis for action


Synonyms for hypothesis

a proposal intended to explain certain facts or observations

Related Words

a message expressing an opinion based on incomplete evidence

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The CIPS panel unit root test is used to test stationarity of residuals, the null hypothesis of the test is that the variable is non stationary and the alternative hypothesis is that the variable is stationary in nature at this level.
In the alternative hypothesis conditions, results revealed that the higher the proportion of DIF items to the entire number of items, the higher the value of the fit statistics.
With this operation, the identified alternative hypothesis turns into a new null hypothesis.
Statistical hypothesis: the null hypothesis is that the central tendency of EB ss is the same for students who have repeated and for those who have not repeated school grades [H0: E(rep) = E(no rep)]; the alternative hypothesis is that the central tendency of the scores is different [H1: E(rep) 4 E(no rep)]According to the Mann-Whitney test it was not possible to reject the null hypothesis, nor for the total test (U = 87855, Z = 1.
Therefore, the null hypothesis is accepted and the alternative hypothesis is rejected.
The alternative hypothesis is that the new design (with new ceiling tiles, floor, pager systems, and configuration) has lower noise levels.
Under the alternative hypothesis, stock returns display characteristics consistent with systemic risk (asymptotic tail dependence) and yet the nonparametric estimators remain consistent.
Heuristically, the null and alternative hypothesis can be written as follows:
These four tests called panel-v, panel-PP-[rho] panel-PP-t and panel-ADF-t give us four statistics and the alternative hypothesis for all these statistics is as follows:
An alternative hypothesis evaluated here is that "trees" in nearshore assemblages on the Hueneme Shelf produce a more realistic assessment of conditions and recovery times than "weeds".
In fact, the main pitfalls in using the Neyman-Pearson approach is that researchers usually believe the p value obtained with the statistical testing tell them something about the probability of the null hypotheses and, as a consequence, about the strength of the alternative hypothesis.
Thus, a null hypothesis should be rejected so that an alternative hypothesis can be accepted.
Romero in the university's Department of Cognitive and Behavioral Sciences explains further: "Although our study cannot determine the exact underlying mechanism operative in dogs, the subjects' physiological measures taken during the study allowed us to counter the alternative hypothesis of yawning as a distress response.
Yet predictions made using the alternative hypothesis Modified Newtonian Dynamics (MOND) succeeded in anticipating the observations.
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