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the practice of medicine without the use of drugs

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However, these companies and the general public also suffer from the propaganda spread by certain members of the alternative health and anti-vaccination communities.
The chairperson of LCCI committee on alternative health products, Shamim Akhtar also spoke on the occasion.
AquaArt to showcase health benefits of 'doctor fish' at 'Aquariya Expo 2009' Company to highlight alternative health and beauty treatments using the unique aquatic specie to spas and hotels in the UAEAquaArt, a Qatar-based distributor of top aquarium brands and exotic aquatic fish and plants, has revealed its plans to showcase the health benefits of 'Garra Rufa' - more popularly known as 'doctor fish' - at the upcoming 'Aquariya Expo 2009', the premier ornamental aquatic event and the largest consumer event for the marine aquarium industry in the Middle East.
The first and most obvious question that emerges from collecting and accessing alternative health information is "What harm does it do?
Gerry is at the forefront of Irish alternative health science.
Your access to complementary and alternative health care is restricted & soon to be completely denied.
These alternative health plans would offer different benefits, including prescription drug coverage, for different premiums.
While most beneficiaries still receive their health care through original fee-for-service Medicare, we welcome every opportunity to give seniors and people with disabilities alternative health plan choices," said HCFA Administrator Nancy-Ann DeParle.
The Health Action Network Society is calling for the Canadian government to hold public consultations to develop ways to ensure alternative health products are more widely available.
com alternative health information library creates the most current, compelling and comprehensive alternative health information on the web today.
Alternative health care is nontraditional treatment that may range from massage therapy to herbal medicine.
How many more health, alternative health and nutrition titles can succeed?
Instead, predictors of the use of alternative health care include: higher education status; poorer health status; a holistic orientation to health; an experience which changed the person's worldview; certain health problems including anxiety, chronic pain, back problems, and urinary tract problems; and an orientation to environmentalism, feminism, spirituality and personal growth.
Alternative health plans such as Health Maintenance Organizations and Preferred Provider Organizations influence community hospitals.
Extrapolating from 1,500 telephone interviews, Eisenberg calculated that spinal manipulation, acupuncture, biofeedback, massage, and a dozen other non-textbook treatments accounted for 425 million visits to alternative health care providers nationwide in 1990, as against 388 million visits to primary care doctors.
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