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the practice of medicine without the use of drugs

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Her commitment to healing led to other alternative healing therapies.
Tibetan medicine providing traditional alternative healing system without side effects can work to fill the huge infrastructural gap.
Rising health concern and the search for natural alternatives to modern medicine has driven the usage of essential oils for alternative healing and human well being.
After being told that the medical profession had little to offer (except more surgery to remove my kneecaps), I began to explore alternative healing systems.
If you have someone who you know is interested in alternative healing, please visit our online store before you head to Amazon
Media men valiantly spent overnight outside the alternative healing facility in Tagaytay City where Arroyo stayed overnight to undergo a stem-cell treatment last Thursday night.
The book also includes lists of suggested books on anatomy, alternative healing, self-help, and philosophy.
She was an avid reader, enjoyed learning about alternative healing modalities, to garden around her home, and loved to visit Ogunquit, ME.
The focus is on your lifestyle, especially anything to do with alternative healing, selfemployment and upholding your individuality.
SUFFERING from a period of ill health has inspired a County Durham woman to start her own alternative healing business.
These apart, people have found solutions in alternative healing techniques -- ayurveda, deep breathing, yoga, diet and movement therapy, reiki, meditation and acupuncture.
Mother Earth Essentials, in operation for over three years, has products sold in about 40 stores across the country with a wide client base from tourists to the health-conscious and those looking for alternative healing.
The approach is described in the context of the field of consciousness studies and recent developments in psychology, medicine, and alternative healing methods, and is illustrated with many stories of actual patients.
Like other big cities in the world, Dubai too is witnessing a rapid mushrooming of alternative healing and holistic therapy centres.
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