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Synonyms for arbitration

Synonyms for arbitration

(law) the hearing and determination of a dispute by an impartial referee agreed to by both parties (often used to settle disputes between labor and management)

the act of deciding as an arbiter

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'I am satisfied that the dispute concerning members of LSK and the council, which according to the stated laws, must first exhaust all alternative dispute resolutions mechanism before it can be brought to court.
"Alternative dispute resolution provides parties with an impartial and most significantly, a private framework in which to handle legal matters," Schlesinger said in a statement about the newly formed practice group.
The centre serves as an Alternative Dispute Resolution Centre (ADR) by assisting the citizens of the State to find a quick amicable resolution of their disputes; bring access to justice nearer to the downtrodden and indigents within the state who cannot afford the high cost of litigation.
According to the plan, an Alternative Dispute Resolution Committee (ADRC) will be set up, headed by a retired judge, who will charge Rs75,000 or 4% of the recovered amount, while committee members will be paid Rs50,000 or 3%, whichever is lower.
Albeit, particular means of alternative dispute resolution vary from one another but still they reveal some striking similarities that a non partisan individual gets in with an acceptable opinion or keeps the combatants informed of all the developments pertaining to the issue2.
Executive Director of the Foreign Investors Council (FIC), Sanja Miovcic, said that the White Paper, in the chapter dealing with the rule of law, highlights the importance of establishing the arbitration regime as one of the mechanisms of alternative dispute resolution that is significant for existing and potential foreign investments.
THE ALTERNATIVE DISPUTE RESOLUTION SECTION presented three inaugural awards during The Florida Bar Annual Convention.
Topics that will be discussed during the three-hour event include late payment resolution, contract claims, arbitration options, and alternative dispute resolution (ADR) mechanisms.
'This calls for mechanisms in alternative dispute resolution and for a harmonisation of them,' he said at a special address during the Asian-African Legal Consultative Organisation (AALCO) Annual Arbitration Forum recently.
Speaking on the Theme of the AGM, he emphasized the need for an Alternative Dispute Resolution in the discharged of justice in the country.
Organised under the auspices of Sir William Blair Chair in Alternative Dispute Resolution held by Prof.
The Brong-Ahafo Regional Coordinator of the Court Connected Alternative Dispute Resolution (CCADR), Mr.
Bell Award for Outstanding Contribution to Alternative Dispute Resolution in Maryland.
RAWALPINDI -- Lahore High Court (LHC) Chief Justice Syed Mansoor Ali Shah on Tuesday said alternative dispute resolution system would help reduce the shelf life of cases.
Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) that act as a means for disagreeing parties to come to
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