opportunity cost

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cost in terms of foregoing alternatives

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Contrasting with past policy, the alternative cost approach treats site value and improvement value as being complementary.
Tenderers should base their tender on providing a new hut solution but an alternative cost for a refurbished hut solution should also be provided.
He said the strategy would be expensive and would involve risk, but the alternative cost of a complete collapse of the financial system would be "incalculable".
Mr Smith told this week's automotive summit at the ICC: "We are working very hard with our unions to avoid any further redundancies by finding alternative cost actions.
It is now a matter for the company to evaluate the options each individual has made under the alternative cost savings plan to see if it provides a viable option.
Arbitrage is a fancy term sometimes used to describe the benefits of the alternative cost of money.
Under the alternative cost method, a developer is permitted to recover (i.
For reasons of process efficiency and particularly health and safety, CPB Twyford needed to look for an alternative cost effective solution to storing and stacking the bags.
This article will discuss the alternative cost method and Rev.
The consultant shall prepare and submit a conceptual design alternative cost estimate for each conceptual design alternative that is developed.
Subtracting the core deposit cost from the market alternative cost yields the cost savings from ownership of the core deposit account population.
Additional Alternative Cost Structures Will Not Be Considered.
A developer that fails to substantially comply with the provisions of this revenue procedure will not be permitted to use the alternative cost method and therefore may not include common improvement costs that have not been incurred under section 461(h) of the Code in the basis of benefited properties.
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