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a bundle of myelinated nerve fibers following a path through the brain

a trodden path


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For those patients, a complement-mediated TMA secondary to a dysregulation of the alternative complement pathway, classically called atypical haemolytic and uremic syndrome (a-HUS), should be suspected.
The alternative complement pathway components were not correlated with age, disease duration, BMI, or CRP level (all p > 0.05).
In the majority of cases the underlying pathology of C3GN and DDD is an excessive activation of the alternative complement pathway. Therefore, it is reasonable that treatment with eculizumab, a humanized monoclonal antibody that binds to C5 and inhibits activation of the terminal complement complex, may provide a more targeted therapy than rituximab for patients with these diseases.
Activation of the alternative complement pathway by EBV and the viral envelope glycoprotein, gp350.
It occurs as a result of uncontrolled activation of alternative complement pathway. It is a rare disease.
However, the lowest mean ACP50 was obtained in infected fish serum indicating higher hemolytic activity of the alternative complement pathway (p < 0.05), once there are an inverse correlation between these two parameters (Figure 4).
Bb is an activation fragment of factor B in the alternative complement pathway. Complement factor H is an abundant plasma complement regulator that inhibits alternative pathway activation by inhibiting the formation and accelerating the decay of C3 convertase and acting as a complement factor I cofactor, which inactivates C3b to iC3b.
Meanwhile, Shiga toxin and alternative complement pathway antibodies are in development for STEC-HUS and may offer more targeted treatment options.
Desialylation of erythrocyte membranes results in reduction of factor H binding on their membrane that switches them from nonactivators to activators of the alternative complement pathway [53, 54].
Chavushyan, "Alternative complement pathway in schizophrenia," Neurochemical Research, vol.
Factor B of the alternative complement pathway regulates development of airway hyperresponsiveness and inflammation.
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