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Synonyms for theory

Synonyms for theory

abstract reasoning

a belief used as the basis for action


something taken to be true without proof

Synonyms for theory

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"Alternative theories are opinions that are not supported by the evidence," says Otto.
They are also expected to argue that Hezbollah had no reason to want Hariri dead, having entered negotiations to run jointly in parliamentary elections later that summer.They will also offer alternative theories for the assassination, including a theory that the alleged "cell of 13," a group of Islamist fundamentalists arrested at the end of 2005, may have killed Hariri.
The first part of the story offers a unifying treatment of disputes about epistemic modality and disputes about matters of fact while at the same time avoiding the complexities of alternative theories. The second part of the story extends the basic framework to cover some complicated data about retraction and the interaction between epistemic modality and tense.
The article, "Success in Litigating Local Permit Denials: Alternative Theories of Obtaining Justice" (Dec.
Much like the Kennedy assassination and the death of Diana, Princess of Wales, alternative theories continue.
"Those alternative theories that do not require dark matter fail these tests."
Guinan often gets mail from armchair theorists who attempt to explain DI Her's anomalous precession with alternative theories of gravity.
However, I have the feeling with some areas of science, that Government-backed opinions are always promoted whole-heartedly through our media and alternative theories are given little voice, if not ridiculed.
But the World Trade Centre attacks quickly proved fertile ground for "conspiracy theorists" and sceptics have a wide range of alternative theories to choose from - including that US military personnel were involved in the attack or that the towers were brought down with the help of a controlled explosion.
David Vitter, R-La., has backed off an attempt to steer $100,000 to a Christian group that supports teaching religious and alternative theories of creation alongside evolution in science classrooms.
Smolin offers a list of alternative theories beyond string theory and suggestions for avoiding the "groupthink" that he says has hijacked theoretical physics.
Congress placed the duty on the VA to ensure all alternative theories of entitlement are exhausted and all laws and regulations pertinent to the case are considered and applied.
If passed, SB 96 would require the Utah State Board of Education to "establish certain curriculum requirements and policies relating to instruction on theories of the origins of life." In particular, the bill states that "if instruction is given to students on any theory regarding the origins of life, or the origins or present state of the human race, then that instruction shall stress that not all scientists agree on which theory is correct." Nor, continues the bill, should the instruction "endorse a particular theory regarding the origins of life or the origins or present state of the human race." Nowhere in the bill will you find the term "intelligent design," but that theory certainly comes to mind when one mentions "alternative theories of the origin of the human race."
Jesus Goes To Hollywood: The Alternative Theories About Christ is a compilation of iconoclastic theories about Jesus drawn from scholarly inquiries, metaphysical sources, and the theological clashes between orthodoxy and heresies.
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