alternating current

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an electric current that reverses direction sinusoidally

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Older alternating-current (AC) recorders provide reliable tracings, but those that were designed with a short time constant can produce tracings that appear to represent nystagmus, but which are actually artifact.
Alternating-current motors that have been used for more than 10 years in Europe to power high-speed passenger trains are being readied to debut on freight trains in the United States.
Though spokesmen for some utilities have irresponsibly attempted to suggest that if worse comes to worse people will just have to endure the risk of being subject to the harmful effects of alternating-current magnetic fields or else forgo the advantages of electric power, there are many relatively inexpensive measures that can be taken now to mitigate the problem.
Using some fancy statistical footwork, the reserachers separated out the direct-current (DC) component due to core currents from the tangle of alternating-current (AC) signals arising from a variety of sources, such as the erratic flow of ions in the ionosphere, that induce currents in the earth.
Magnetek patented hardware and software allow the Quattro drive system to control both direct-current (Dc) and alternating-current (Ac) motor-driven elevators.
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