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a polymer consisting of two or more different monomers

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Li et al., "One-potsynthesis of well-defined amphiphilic alternating copolymer brushes based on POSS and their self-assembly in aqueous solution," RSC Advances, vol.
After reactive compounding with the EMAh alternating copolymer at very low loadings (0.1,0.3,0.5%), increases in the recycled nylon's mechanical and thermal properties--tensile strength and elongation, flexural modulus and strength, Izod and Charpy impact strength, and HDT--demonstrate that this is a way to upgrade recycled nylon to match or even exceed the performance of prime nylon.
However, because of lower solubility of maleic anhydride in styrene, many researches about preparing alternating copolymer are based on solution system [30, 31].
4 indicates that alternating copolymer poly(styrene-maleic anhydride) (SMA) is successfully grafted onto the surface of the silica nanoparticles through covalent bonding.
Aliphatic polyketones are generally perfectly alternating copolymers of ethylene or propylene with carbon monoxide.
The polymerization condition was 50 MPa and 50[degrees]C, and resulted in an alternating copolymer as determined by NMR analysis (6).
It is known that NPMI and St still formed an alternating copolymer in such S-Poly multi-monomer systems, and MEA was a weak acceptor randomly introduced into the copolymer chain (9).
(He verified for an article in 2015 that the original ZeMac additives were alternating copolymers of ethylene and maleic anhydride.)
17, most of the twelve PC-PDMS alternating copolymers produced exhibited very high optical clarity.
The reaction products are alternating copolymers providing high polarity and mechanical and thermal stability [19].
This allows the synthesis of polymers with novel stereochemistries and monomer sequence distributions such as alternating copolymers, controlled molecular weights, narrow molecular-weight distributions, or other novel structures.
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