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a very close and trusted friend who seems almost a part of yourself

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A misspent youth of booze and shoplifting helped Michael develop the refined self-loathing from which Johnny emerges, his alter-ego frequently wresting control of the narration via an irksome trick of fonts.
However, Diane thinks she was destined to play the role as both she and her alter-ego were born in Germany and lived in France.
Jekyll is a brilliant but obsessive scientist whose sadistic alter-ego wreaks havoc across Victorian London in a dark tale of love, redemption and the seductive power of evil.
Self-Made Man: One Woman's Journey Into Manhood And Back Again covers her discoveries under her alter-ego Ned, where she experiences male camaraderie, a high-pressure sales career, dates with women, and more.
Alongside this fantastic collection of photographs are David Bowie's own thoughts on the origins of his alter-ego Ziggy and what made the character such a success.
The cover of the Winter 2005 issue of Young Adult Library Services, which is a fine periodical for YA librarians, shows Barbara Gordon walking down a hall, and the reflection in the window illuminates her alter-ego, Batgirl.
Moby uses his Voodoo Child alter-ego to make electronic dance music without the whale-size promotion and financial expectations that normally accompany his efforts.
Hunter Reynold's performance piece as alter-ego Patina du Prey, Patina du Prey's Memorial Dress, 1993, is a travesty of the AIDS Names Quilt.
Aided only by his trusted butler Alfred (played with zest by Archibald Asparagus), plunger-headed LarryBoy is everything that his alter-ego Larry the Cucumber is not: bold.
O'Carroll's alter-ego - potty-mouthed Dublin mammy Agnes Brown - became an internet sensation after a clip of the stage show filmed at the Empire attracted almost 3m hits.
The MTV promo featuring her rapping plays on her whiter-than-white image with a hard-nosed alter-ego appearing on the other side of a mirror and telling Gomez she's the obvious choice for the coveted host's spot.
Washington, Sept 6 (ANI): Taylor Lautner has revealed that he would be crushed if any girl in real life rejected him in a similar way his 'Twilight' alter-ego, Jacob Black, was.