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a very close and trusted friend who seems almost a part of yourself

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They were all set a challenge - to create a piece of art with the theme of Alter Egos.
FORMER Atomic Kitten Jenny Frost fell for Sasha Baron Cohen's outlandish new alter ego Bruno at a red carpet premier yesterday.
The 66-year-old legendary rocker said that an alter ego "gives you the feeling anything is possible and stops you being too serious".
The developer asserted that the entities and individuals who had not signed the agreement were nonetheless required to arbitrate because they were WBA's alter egos, successors or assigns.
Never before have Sims players been able to unleash their alter egos in an urban environment - complete with the sounds, scenes and settings of the city.
Malacanang justified on Tuesday the presence of the government officials in the event, saying that they were the alter egos of the President and should support him in his official functions.
Since the story has roots in painful autobiography--Gabriel and Jess are alter egos of Maupin and his ex Terry Anderson--"some of the more emotional scenes between Gabriel and Jess were not easy for Armistead to watch," Stettner tells The Advocate.
Their human alter egos lay down the tunes behind the screens, in the shadows.
None of which will really matter if people don't buy Maguire - a sensitive young actor whom no one previously thought of in superheroic terms - as both of the wall-crawler's complicated alter egos.
The Webber case involves numerous other issues -- including whether the borrower and its affiliates were alter egos, whether California's purchase money anti-deficiency rules applied to deprive the junior lender of an unsecured claim as a sold-out junior, and whether the junior lienholder had actual damages -- however, these issues are beyond the scope of this update.