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a very close and trusted friend who seems almost a part of yourself

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Additionally, the limited edition Under Armour Alter Ego collection that included a specific Man of Steel baselayer T was recently released this spring and was met with unparalleled success, selling through inventory within hours.
They were all set a challenge - to create a piece of art with the theme of Alter Egos.
FORMER Atomic Kitten Jenny Frost fell for Sasha Baron Cohen's outlandish new alter ego Bruno at a red carpet premier yesterday.
The 66-year-old legendary rocker said that an alter ego "gives you the feeling anything is possible and stops you being too serious".
Chris Metcalfe of Trent University in Peterborough, Ontario, and his colleagues had read scientific accounts of flavonoids in trees that might also have hormonal alter egos.
Six lit votive candles are adorned with photographic decals of a scowling Vaisman sitting in a playground dressed in the motley harlequin outfit-as if therapy led not to self-realization but to the creation of an endless series of inauthentic alter egos designed to placate a jealous psychoanalytic god.
Germaul Barnes and Bradley, perhaps acting as alter egos for Jones and Zane, struggle to keep their common boundary throughout the ensuing chaos.
The developer asserted that the entities and individuals who had not signed the agreement were nonetheless required to arbitrate because they were WBA's alter egos, successors or assigns.
Midway's goal is to create games that appeal to players' alter egos, bringing them exciting, interactive experiences they can't get anywhere else, so we are excited to have our titles ranked at the top of several major categories.
Since the story has roots in painful autobiography--Gabriel and Jess are alter egos of Maupin and his ex Terry Anderson--"some of the more emotional scenes between Gabriel and Jess were not easy for Armistead to watch," Stettner tells The Advocate.
Their human alter egos lay down the tunes behind the screens, in the shadows.
As alter egos, these little clowns seem surprisingly universal, their woeful predicaments accessible and painfully touching.