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an instrument that measures the altitude and azimuth of celestial bodies

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A popular altazimuth mount is the sturdy, boxy Dobsonian design.
In the 1917 May Journal Ainslie wrote a useful three page paper (37) entitled: Notes from the Instrument Committee--On the Choice of a Telescope in which he explained the relative advantages and disadvantages of reflectors, refractors, equatorial mounts and altazimuth mounts. Much of it contained very similar advice to that which he had already written in the English Mechanic, some twelve years earlier.
Superficially, the two have much in common--both are basic 5-inch Newtonian reflectors on altazimuth mounts. Most significantly though, both aim to deliver a lot of bang for the buck.
But in the 1960s computers made it possible to track the sky automatically on an altazimuth mount by turning both axes at precisely calculated speeds--a design that the professionals were quick to adopt.
Manufacturer Celestron Model FirstScope 80 EQ Price (US$) $261 Optics type refractor (achromat) Aperture 80 mm Focal length f/ratio 900 mm f/11.3 Finder unit-power Mount type German equatorial Motor drive optional Computerized "Go To" no Supplied eyepieces 10 mm (90x), 20 mm (45x) Also available: FirstScope 80 AZ on an altazimuth mount for $249.
And that alone gave me good feelings about Astro-Tech's new Voyager altazimuth mount from the outset.
For instance, one might put an apochromatic refractor onto a heavyweight equatorial mount for astrophotography but use the same scope on a lightweight altazimuth mount for airplane travel.
A Go To scope on an altazimuth mount, a suitable arrangement for planetary snapshots, won't work--it must be polar aligned.
The Parks Astrolight AZ8 System has two main components: an 8-inch (200-millimeter) f/6 Newtonian optical tube assembly (OTA) and the Astrolight altazimuth mount. The Astrolight line of telescopes also includes a 6-inch Newtonian on the same mount (the AZ6) and on a German equatorial mount (the EQ6).
A camera/video tripod is a familiar example of an altazimuth mount. These mounts are generally lighter than their equatorial counterparts, in part because they don't require counterweights to balance the telescope.
It offers attractive optical capabilities on an easy-to-use, stable, and portable altazimuth mount. The Newtonian optics have an aperture of 4.5 inches (114 mm) and a focal length of 450 mm (f/4).
Coupled with a newly designed, pier-supported altazimuth mount, these telescopes offer the operational simplicity and convenience of a Dobsonian, but with an eyepiece height that is comfortable for a standing adult.
An altazimuth mount operates like a photo tripod's pan-and-tilt head, directing the scope to any desired position via a combination of up-down (altitude) and left-right (azimuth) movements.
When mated to a simple altazimuth mount and equipped with a modern nebula filter, such instruments really come into their own, displaying remarkable views of large objects like the Veil and North America Nebulae.
Sporting a multicoated 3.5-inch (90-mm) achromatic lens with a focal length of 910 mm (f/10), this refractor is shipped with an altazimuth mount (which has dual-axis slow-motion controls) and an adjustable aluminum tripod.