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a painted or carved screen placed above and behind an altar or communion table


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It has an impressive old quarter - many of the Conquistadors came from this area and brought their South American fortunes home; a couple of charming arcaded squares; an imposing parish church with a fine altar-piece by the 17th-century artist Zurbaran who was born in a nearby village; a castle built by the local grandee, now a pleasant hotel.
Opinion is not worth a rush; In this altar-piece the knight, Who grips his long spear so to push That dragon through the fading light, Loved the lady; and it's plain The half-dead dragon was her thought....
The carved lime-wood figures of the Holy Family are part of an important 16-century German altar-piece, which was purchased at auction last week for Compton Verney's Northern European Collection.
However, it suffers in part from what we could call the altar-piece problem: however good, the works are not quite satisfactory when viewed out of their original context.
After a few minor works he was invited to paint the altar-piece of San Sepulcro, but made such a bad job of it that he had to change his name to Geoff.
(There is a telling parallel here to Barnett Newman's Shining Forth (to George) of 1961, the painter's abstract altar-piece commemorating his own brother's death in February of that year.)
For Johnston, who would obviously disagree with the above, the salient chapters in Johns' life are his South Carolina childhood, his bisexuality (which, one infers, runs about 90-10 gay), the influence of Marcel Duchamp, and his encounter with Matthias Grunewald's Isenheim Altar-piece. To give Johnston credit, the facts she's dug up are interesting enough to have made me finish her book.