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an ornamental hanging of rich fabric hung behind the altar of a church or at the sides of a chancel


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988-2027) features a wondrous baroque altar screen depicting the Virgin of Guadalupe and the Holy Trinity.
At the same time, SCAS also acquired an 1830 altar screen by master santero Jose Rafael Aragon from a decommissioned church to launch its collection of traditional masterworks.
Restoring just a single altar screen can cost $45,000; to re-roof and plaster a church $160,000.
A retablo is a large wooden altar screen that serves as a backdrop for the tabernacle or statues and paintings of Christ and the Saints.
What to see: Start in the huge St Baafskathedral, which houses Ghent's most prized possession - a panelled altar screen painted by Jan Van Eyck.
Note its wood belfries on twin towers, hand-carved corbels and vigas supporting the roof, and locally carved altar screen and santos.