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a boy serving as an acolyte

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READ: Priest accused of molesting altar boys moved to BI jail National Capital Region Police Office Director Guillermo Eleazar said the warrants served at around 11 a.m.
Sandoval, quoting statements from the victims, said Kendricks would allegedly join the altar boys whenever they took a bath.
'I was once an altar boy here and I am now a cardinal, Bishop Casicas once an altar boy here and is now a bishop,' Quevedo said as the crowd applauded.
The judge said he was satisfied that one of the altar boys, Peter Creigh, had been a "truthful and reliable" witness.
'I have been an altar boy since I was nine years old.
Another witness, the mother of a deceased altar boy who similarly accused Apuron of sexually abusing him, has also refused to testify in the investigation.
"My name was picked but I would not do the altar boy. I let on to be sick in bed.
Police in Spain said he was wanted by UK authorities for allegedly abusing three altar boys between 1955 and 1991.
The altar boys, not to be outdone, started wearing ties to Mass.
Two of the three altar boys, who had scored major roles as shepherds, were also playing the all-important starting defence for the Richmond Kings, a house league hockey team.
I joined the ranks of the altar boys at my home parish of St.
From the arrival of Father Meme on the reservation to the planning and staging of the resistance known as the Fourteen Torments the altar boys draw the reader in with a sense of shared suffering and outrage.
Thinking back to a competition on this page last year, I think their songs include Papal Roses, The Altar Boys Are Back In Town, The Green Green Grass Of Rome, A Town Called Chalice, The Wonder Of Pew and Simply The Blessed.
Since I was enrolled at a small Roman Catholic elementary school with all nuns as teachers, we were constantly being exhorted by these nuns to "join the ranks" of altar boys as a certain path to salvation.
The 71-year-old, who was assistant parish priest at St Elizabeth's Church in Foleshill in the early 1980s, has been arrested in California on suspicion of abusing altar boys 25 years ago.