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a boy serving as an acolyte

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Another witness, the mother of a deceased altar boy who similarly accused Apuron of sexually abusing him, has also refused to testify in the investigation.
SAN FRANCISCO -- A resident of Agana, Guam, accused the leader of his archdiocese of sexually abusing him when he was a 12-year-old altar boy 40 years ago.
My name was picked but I would not do the altar boy.
Police in Spain said he was wanted by UK authorities for allegedly abusing three altar boys between 1955 and 1991.
Police said the altar boys were aged seven, eight and 12 when they were first abused.
The altar boys, not to be outdone, started wearing ties to Mass.
Two of the three altar boys, who had scored major roles as shepherds, were also playing the all-important starting defence for the Richmond Kings, a house league hockey team.
Then, just a few short weeks after our altar boy debut, the Confiteor and the other remaining Latin Mass prayers disappeared (most of the Mass had already been changed to German a few years earlier).
AN 83-year-old priest allegedly caught on tape having sex with a 19-year-old altar boy has been arrested by Brazilian authorities.
Father Meme symbolizes both the element of death and the hopelessness of the altar boys a hopelessness doomed to continue as long as he is alive.
Thinking back to a competition on this page last year, I think their songs include Papal Roses, The Altar Boys Are Back In Town, The Green Green Grass Of Rome, A Town Called Chalice, The Wonder Of Pew and Simply The Blessed.
Since I was enrolled at a small Roman Catholic elementary school with all nuns as teachers, we were constantly being exhorted by these nuns to "join the ranks" of altar boys as a certain path to salvation.
A SHAMED priest is facing justice, years after abusing altar boys and a teenage girl.
When the parents of two altar boys seek Rai's help about an alleged molestation by the church priest, Rai sees this as the ultimate challenge.
They acted for the other altar boys, successfully claiming that the Church had been negligent in its duty of care towards them because it should have been aware of Fr Clonan's activities.