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a boy serving as an acolyte

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The two juxtaposed images linger: Frank McCourt finding himself rebuffed in his desire to be an altar boy by a parish sacristan; James Carroll feeling himself embraced in his intention to be a priest by the Holy Father himself.
The two altar boys in question do face danger, but not from any kind of sexual predators.
ALTAR BOY STRIKE An interesting tidbit in the background of the recent baseball umpires' strike fiasco was noted by the New York Times (August 5, 1999): Richie Phillips, the combative and unpopular leader of the Major League Umpires Association, got his start in union organizing at church.
The remote village was rocked by allegations of sex assaults on altar boys when they first surfaced in April.
Perhaps the main presider and his flock of altar boys had a fine Mass.
The cleric, who pleaded guilty to a 13 sample charges of sex attacks on altar boys and ill children, was given the light sentence yesterday on condition that he attends a top clinic for therapy.
as well as an Irish priest in the upcoming ``The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys.
From the Vatican Museums to Saint Symphorosa, from the Altar Boys Association to the Zwiefalten monastery, Catholics have built their homes in cyberspace.
AN IRISH priest, who sexually assaulted two altar boys, was given an 18 month prison sentence yesterday.
3) Cardinal Roger Mahony talks with altar boys at St.
The 69-year-old cleric vanished from the remote parish when it emerged Gardai were investigating claims he had molested altar boys.
The sister who was in charge of the altar boys told him that she didn't think it was proper for him to be an altar boy anymore because his limp would be a distraction to people.
I was horrified to hear a few months later someone in nearby parish talking about this wonderful priest who had a great way with altar boys.
As the choir sang, altar boys and girls led a procession down the long aisle.
A PAEDOPHILE priest carried out sick sex assaults on ill children and altar boys who he called his "little angels", a court heard yesterday.