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double star 15.7 light years from Earth

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Altair GPU Solutions has its origins in the highly successful FluiDyna business acquired by Altair in 2018[1].
Announcing the tournament, RCGC Captain Shiran Fernando said: "In these difficult times Altair should be highly commended for supporting this prestigious golf championship which is a unique test for both the professional and amateur golfers in Sri Lanka.
Kfir Lavi, senior VP and Deputy CEO at ERM Advanced Telematics, said, 'As installation costs continue to rise in comparison to hardware prices, Altair's unparalleled low power figures and extended battery life means we can provide on-board solutions with minimal installation requirements that are able to remain in the field for up to two years.
QSD offers designers an intuitive workflow within the Altair HyperMesh environment that benefits from Altair OptiStruct advanced technologies for a smart composite design with optimum thicknesses, fiber orientation and reduced material scraps.
Altair said the integrated volume meshing and fast transient analyses deliver short turnaround times, resulting in completely new possibilities for simulation-driven design and significant cost savings.
Altair Semiconductor is a provider of LTE chipsets.
Through the integration of Carriots Analytics with PowerTools, Altair and CANDI are bringing to market an innovative way to acquire, analyze and visualize data from Smart Buildings.
AltAir's fuel meets the same standard as traditional jet fuel, ASTM D1655.
We partnered with Altair Semiconductor for this industry-first tablet because Altair is one of the leading providers of 3.5GHz solutions for commercial products, and has the most advanced and mature LTE chipset and software on the market.
Altair and Ecrio have a solid partnership, offering pre- integrated IMS/LTE functionality in portable and mobile platforms, said Michel Gannage, Founder and CEO of Ecrio.
Altair is honored to be an award finalist and speaker at this year's LTE North America event, one of the more influential events in this industry, said Eran Eshed, Co- Founder and Vice President of Marketing and Business Development at Altair.
Altair Semiconductors FourGee-3100/6202 chipset has been selected by u-blox to power its single mode 4G (LTE) wireless modules, the TOBY-L100 series.
Supplementing those efforts is a new award program sponsored by Altair (, a company with particular expertise in computer-aided engineering software.
Altair Engineering, Inc., Troy, Mich., a leading global provider of simulation and advanced computing software solutions, has announced that PBS Works has partnered with Intel Corporation to optimize its software for future Intel[R] Many Integrated Core (Intel MIC) products .
In addition, later this month the company will start drilling production well Altair-2 on the Altair discovery.