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any member of the peoples speaking a language in the Altaic language group

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(6) The old "Japan-Soviet Society," an advocacy group, became the "Japan-Eurasia Society," whose members sometimes pursue "Silk Road Studies," but Japan has a strong tradition of tying its ethnogenesis to Inner Asia, based upon myths of race within the Altaic group--which served as a way to undercut both Chinese centrality and European imperialism in Asia.
Riasanovsky (another Karpovich student and follower of Miliukov) further noted that the Eurasianists' inspiration could be found in the German invention of geopolitical thinking; the Russian empire's Finno-Ugric, Altaic, and Orientalist scholarship; and futurism in poetry and the arts.
Iadrintsev, too, had placed Turkic, Mongol, Finnic, and Tungus tribes under the heading "Altaic," on a linguistic and ethnographic basis, though his classification also derived from racial notions (and he noted that the details were in dispute) (Sibirskie inorodtsy: Ikh byt i sovremennoe polozhenie [St.
217 The Altaic linguistic family is usually subdivided into three main groups, Turkish, Mongol, and Tungu, though many authors do not accept that any close relationship can be shown to exist between them.