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any member of the peoples speaking a language in the Altaic language group

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It is totally absent in the Uralic and Altaic families.
He also noted he relation between the Altaic 'jabal' and the general Turkic word 'jaman' or 'zaman' (since there is j~z sound interchange at the beginning of the word in Turkic languages).
As we have seen, Altaic words for "tree bark" often derive from verbal roots meaning "strip off, peel off.
21) Many contemporary scholarly centers in the United States include the term "Inner Asia" in their name: for example, the Sinor Research Institute for Inner Asian Studies at Indiana University and Harvard University's Committee on Inner Asian and Altaic Studies.
1) Doctor of Science, Economy, professor, The Altaic Academy of Economics and Law,
Carlson, "The Concept of Sovereignty In Kazakhstan From Kultegin To The Present", in Altaic Berolinensia: The Concept Of Sovereignty In The Altaic World, ed.
The term came into use only in the Tang, and Chen's thesis is that the term derives from the Altaic akha/agha "elder brother.
9) There are four conjectures regarding the burial site of Chinggis Khan: (10) a) in an area south of the Khentii Mountains and north of the Kerulen River; b) in Ordos of Inner Mongolia, the People's Republic of China; c) in the Altaic Mountains of Xinjiang, PRC; and d) the Liupan Mountains of Ningxia, PRC.
He argues that far from the accepted standpoint, the Tang royal household was in fact 'barbarian' in origin, that Steppe, Altaic, and Iranic influences were pervasive throughout the Tang eras, that such influences were an 'open secret' forcing a backlash against the royal household and nobility by Han and Confucian traditionalists in society, and this led to further stratification and segregation at court and throughout the noble classes.
Bloomington: Indian University Publications, Uralic and Altaic Series vol.
The first essay by LaszloMaracz deals with the expedition to the North Caucasus of Hungarian linguist Count Balint de Szentkatolna (1844-1913) who studied and developed a dictionary for Kabardian and believed that the language was "Turanian" and part of a hypothesized family including Uralic, Altaic and Dravidian languages, a controversial idea.
Mongol is an Altaic language--from the Altaic Mountains of Central Asia, a language family comprising the Turkic, Tungusic, and Mongolic subfamilies--and is related to Turkic (Uzbek, Turkish, and Kazakh), Korean, and, possibly, Japanese.
Kornfilt, jaklin y Klaus von Heusinger (2009), "Specificity and partitivity in some Altaic languages", en Ryosuke Shibagaki y Reiko Vermeulen (eds.
4) This ritual doesn't mean a return to the archaic past, a repetition of "the same" in order to keep the world in status quo (as Vedic rsis or Altaic shamans do), but the poetic visualization of a common sensibility.