Altai Mountains

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a mountain range in central Asia that extends a thousand miles from Kazakhstan eastward into western Mongolia and northern China

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Horse headdress, late 4th-early 3rd century BC, Pazyryk 2 burial mound, Altai Mountains, southern Siberia, felt, leather, wood, gold foil, htc.
This means riding on horseback for days out in the untamed Altai Mountains, eagle perched on one arm, and exposed to punishing temperatures of minus 20 degrees Fahrenheit.
The project will deliver three key outcomes to tackle the barriers identified above, to strengthen Xinjiangs provincial capacity and to preserve the Altai Mountains and Wetland landscape.
The Ob and the Irtysh rivers begin in the Altai Mountains, along Russia's border with Mongolia, and flow northwest toward the Arctic Ocean.
In the Altai Mountains of western Mongolia, small groups of ethnic Kazakh nomadic herders exist in a world far removed from the modern one we know today.
There are also fewer golden eagles in the Altai Mountains.
Ash Dykes, 24, walked into the record books in 2014 after spending 78 days alone crossing 1,500 miles of the unforgiving land of the high Altai Mountains, scorching Gobi Desert and the seemingly-endless Mongolian Steppe.
Saussurea species from the Altai Mountains and adjacent area, and their flavonoid diversity.
Not that his son hasn't surmounted his fair share of epic challenges already, like crossing the sandstorm-ridden Gobi Desert, the nose-bleed altitudes of the Altai Mountains, dodging venomous snakes, wild dogs, dehydration and coping with extreme conditions - Mongolia's temperatures often going from below freezing to stifling heat.
All the Peregrines were released in the west of Kazakhstan near the Caspian Sea, while the Sakers were set free in the east of Kazakhstan on the southern edge of the Altai Mountains.
Some of the ancient dogs, namely a 36,000-year-old fossil called the Goyet dog from Belgium and a 33,000-year-old fossil dog from Siberia's Altai Mountains, don't have any modern dog descendants, possibly indicating failed attempts at domestication.
Three years ago the genetic analysis of a little finger bone from Denisova cave in the Altai Mountains in northern Asia led to a complete genome sequence of a new line of the human family tree-the Denisovans.
This particular model had been crewed by journalists and driven past some spectacular sights, including Lake Baikal, the Altai Mountains and the Kungur Ice Caves, overcoming hidden potholes, footballsized rocks, overturned trucks and herds of livestock.
Crewed by journalists, media and Mazda dealers, the teams took in a variety of sights including Lake Baikal, the Altai Mountains and the Kungur ice caves and were escorted on the way by Mazdas driven by local fans.
At some point, the herb found its way across the Altai Mountains into Mongolia and northern China, where it's commonly used in salads or brewed into tea.