Altay Mountains

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a mountain range in central Asia that extends a thousand miles from Kazakhstan eastward into western Mongolia and northern China

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For millennia, the Altai Mountains have been an important transitional zone between the Mongolian and Kazakh steppes.
The skull, found preserved in a cave in the Altai Mountains of Siberia, together with equally ancient dog remains from a cave in Belgium, indicates that domestication of dogs may have occurred repeatedly in different geographic locations rather than with a single domestication event.
Going through the Altai mountains was tough, pulling the trailer over rocks and boulders," he revealed.
Some of the ancient dogs, namely a 36,000-year-old fossil called the Goyet dog from Belgium and a 33,000-year-old fossil dog from Siberia's Altai Mountains, don't have any modern dog descendants, possibly indicating failed attempts at domestication.
Three years ago the genetic analysis of a little finger bone from Denisova cave in the Altai Mountains in northern Asia led to a complete genome sequence of a new line of the human family tree-the Denisovans.
This particular model had been crewed by journalists and driven past some spectacular sights, including Lake Baikal, the Altai Mountains and the Kungur Ice Caves, overcoming hidden potholes, footballsized rocks, overturned trucks and herds of livestock.
Crewed by journalists, media and Mazda dealers, the teams took in a variety of sights including Lake Baikal, the Altai Mountains and the Kungur ice caves and were escorted on the way by Mazdas driven by local fans.
At some point, the herb found its way across the Altai Mountains into Mongolia and northern China, where it's commonly used in salads or brewed into tea.
The Kazakh steppe, which covers about a third of the country and stretches from the River Volga in the west to the Altai Mountains in the east and from the plains of western Siberia in the north to oases and deserts of Central Asia in the south is characterised by large areas of grasslands and sandy desert.
You are the descendants of those Mongolian Turks that came to the Armenian highlands from Altai Mountains of Mongolia and conquered those lands.
The legend of the gold-guarding griffin, for example, sprang from tales first told by Scythian gold-miners who, passing through the Gobi Desert at the foot of the Altai Mountains, encountered the skeletons of Protoceratops and other dinosaurs that littered the ground.
James added: "Without them supplying us with a formidable tent those nights in the Mongolian Altai Mountains would have been significantly more unpleasant.
She and Tepfer worked together for many years in the Altai Mountains of Mongolia.
Human Planet (BBC1, 8pm) Tonight we are high up in the Altai mountains of Mongolia, with the Kazakh hunters, who have forged an unusual relationship with golden eagles the men have trained tto catch foxes.
In the Altai mountains, in the far west, Berik had to take an eagle chick from its nest and then train the eagle to become the family's hunter.