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any of various South American plants of the genus Alstroemeria valued for their handsome umbels of beautiful flowers

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He had learned to bring birds of paradise, alstromeria, bearded iris, delphinium, lupine, and gladioli.
Growing from her own experience of not being able to find what she wanted for her home from the high street, she has set up the site which specialises in unusual, high quality pieces - examples being Picnic by Sarah Huxley Edwards (pictured), a framed collage using newspapers or the photographic Alstromeria III by Sally Scafardi.
OTHER FAVOURI TES are alstromeria, cosmos and freesias.
Snowdrops; English Bluebells; Alstromeria Hardy Hybrids; Hardy Geraniums; Christmas Rose
Certified spray roses, gerber daisies and alstromeria are available at Whole Foods.
OFFER 3: Alstromeria Hardy Hybrids x 15 (RRP pounds 20.
This explains why many new species of different plant families have recently been discovered in that region, as exemplified by Alstroemeriaceae, Alstromeria capixaba M.
While the assortment of flowers varies slightly, the bouquets feature mostly alstromeria and mums in a recycled sleeve, notes Beaulieu.
Buy 100 spring bulbs, which consist of five tulip Apeldoorn, 20 Allium molly, 20 alstromeria, 15 grape hyacinth, 20 oxalis, 20 Anemone de Caen for just pounds 12.
en el caso de las rosas es de 42,2% y de 59,6% en Alstromeria (Asocolflores, 2003; Repeto, 2004).
Nectar production and pollination in Alstromeria aurea: responses to level and pattern of flowering shoot defoliation.
Throw in a mauve buddleja and a patch of orange alstromeria and the onlooker is probably beginning to feel queasy, rather than enchanted.
Rosa Flora Limited, a greenhouse in Dunnville, Ontario, Canada, is dedicated to growing roses, alstromeria, stephanotis, and gardenias.
They include a variety of roses, casablanca lilies, mountain lilies, iris, carnations, star gazer lilies, alstromeria, cymbidium orchids, dendrobium orchids and other exotics.