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genus of evergreen trees or shrubs with white funnel-shaped flowers and milky sap

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Niazi said that the area wise need and utility of the indigenous plants was kept into consideration whereas for the house fronts Alstonia, Plumaria Obtusa, Magnolia, Ponsitea, Ashok, Peaches, Moraya, Palms saplings were used for urban forestation.
'As Alstonia scholaris are not native to the area, there were chances that they could contract a viral disease,' he said, adding that the trees had been sprayed with bifenthrin after 15 days and their old shoots were cut off.
Li et al., "The role of pentacyclic triterpenoids in the allelopathic effects of Alstonia scholaris," Journal of Chemical Ecology, vol.
A total of 8 species of trees were found, namely, Tectona grandis, Swietenia mahagoni, Acacia auriculiformis, and other trees such as Samanea saman, Gnetum gnemon, Alstonia scholaris, Parkia speciosa, and Tamarindus indica.
Ang, "Effects of open and under planting on early survival and growth of Endospermum malaccense (Sesendok), Alstonia angustiloba (Pulai) and Shorea parvifolia (Meranti Sarang Punai)," Journal of Tropical Forest Sci, vol.
(Bignoniaceae), Alstonia actinophylla (Apocynaceae), Hymenocallis littoralis (Amaryllidaceae), leaves of Hibiscus sp.
He said that fundamental rights of citizens were at stake and Lahore city was becoming one of the most polluted cities in the world due to felling of trees of various kinds, including Arjun, Dhak, Mahwa, Bahara, Alstonia, Sheesham, etc.
Chang Apocynaceae Alstonia yunnanensis Diels 2 Alyxia schlechteri H.
Vegetation of Hanthana can be categorized into six different types: Albizia woodland (12.5%, introduced as a shade tree for tea), Alstonia woodland (5%), mixed species woodland (18%), pine woodland (23%), Patana grasslands (39.5%), and patches of undisturbed natural forest (2%) [24].
Nkassenkasee (Akuapem) (A028) Polyalthia longifolia Annonaceae (Sonn.) Thwaites Tsogaga (Krobo) (K001) Apocynaceae Alstonia boonei De Nyamedua (Akuapem) Wild.
Akoto, "Antimicrobial and phytochemical properties of Alstonia boonei extracts," Organic Chemistry: Current Research, vol.
Antimicrobial property was reported in a study of six medicinal plants (Alstonia macrophylla, Claoxylon indicum, Dillenia andamanica, Jasminum syringifolium, Miliusia andamanica and Pedilanthus tithymaloides) traditionally used by Nicobarese tribes of Andaman and Nicobar Islands.