Alsophila pometaria

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North American moth with grey-winged males and wingless females

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Key words: Acer negundo; Alsophila pometaria; associational resistance; associational susceptibility, box elder; cottonwood; dietary breadth; fall cankerworm; plant-herbivore interactions; Populus; preference hierarchy; spillover.
The first goal of this paper is to document an example of associational susceptibility using the hosts of a common forest pest, the fall cankerworm (Alsophila pometaria).
Genetic variation and covariation in responses to host plants by Alsophila pometaria (Lepidoptera: Geometridae).
Evidence of pheromonal constancy among sexual and asexual females in a population of fall cankerworm, Alsophila pometaria (Lepidoptera: Geometridae).
Adaptation to host plants in the fall cankerworm (Alsophila pometaria) and its bearing on the evolution of host affiliation in phytophagous insects.
There have been numerous observations of genetic divergence associated with host-plant species, including Alsophila pometaria, the fall cankerworm (Mister et al.
Genetic variation and covariation in response to host plants by Alsophila pometaria (Lepidoptera: Geometridae).