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a native or inhabitant of Alsace

breed of large shepherd dogs used in police work and as a guide for the blind

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Barrister Barney Quirke said: "As Cory ran across the garden he was savagely attacked by the Alsation which had bitten him several times in the chest."
Current English Derby jointfavourite Razldazl Jayfkay goes in heat four where Tote Gold Cup third Quick Lee and Monlesa Alsation will be among his rivals.
It'll make people think twice before buying an alsation to keep in a top floor flat.
RICKY the alsation collie cross returned to the RSPCA last week, but only to say hello to the staff who had taken care of him during his six-month stay in kennels.
The poor Alsation was forced to don a UFF shirt in Drumcree solidarity.
Brian Kirwan's Monlesa Alsation could grab an early lead in the Open 550 (9.20) and if that happens he will not be easily collared.
Many of the dogs the SSPCA have successfully re-homed will take part in the dogathon, including Jed, a three-year-old long-haired Alsation who is now proudly serving with Lothian and Borders Police.
It was there that Sandra spotted a young border collie alsation cross named Tory.
Heat 3: 1 Inshaarla 2 Westmead Bolt 3 Bredas Girl 4 Confident Nestor (m) 5 St Louis Spirit (m) 6 Monlesa Alsation (w).
Emma Horne, 26, of Moffat, will spend pounds 2,500 of her pounds 250,000 Thunderball jackpot win on essential hip replacement surgery for her white Alsation Sysco.
It would probably have been easier to just to rummage through my pockets as the wad that would usually choke an alsation wouldn't even stop a chihauha!
Monlesa Alsation, recovered from his virus problem of last weekend, should have the winning of the opening heat and others that appeal include Hats My Boy in heat two, Westmead Bond (heat three), Confident Nestor (heat four) and Krug Ninety Five (heat seven).
Stirling the gorgeous Alsation emerged victorious from more than 10,000 entries in our search for Britain's greatest pet.
PAUL WINFIELD retrains an Alsation that attacks only blacks.
However, owner James Hayden yesterday stated it is hoped to run Monlesa Alsation in the opening heat despite being found to have a virus and temperature following his run on Saturday.