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a native or inhabitant of Alsace

breed of large shepherd dogs used in police work and as a guide for the blind

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Bomb-sniffing two-yearold alsation Gina was diagnosed with the illness after taking part in doorto-door searches and witnessing explosions.
Craig has already added more CCTV cameras and plans to buy two Alsation dogs to help prevent further break-ins.
QMy alsation Xena has small pink dots over her tummy and licks them a lot.
They pay pounds 830 a month for a five-bed house with pool with 15 outbuildings, a Turkish bath and two Alsation dogs as part of the deal
There was even an alsation given the name of Rin Tin Tin, for reasons lost in the swirl of time, who ran with the cavalry.
Amazingly Cpl Criddle's Alsation dog escaped without injury - despite being blow 30 feet away.
I took a step or two forward before I noticed this massive, evil-looking Alsation at the other end.
So, inspired by the works of artists such as Lead Zeppelin, Alsation Moyet, The Pointer Sisters and Bow Wow Wow, here's the pick of the bunch: Puppy On A String (Eddie Shanks) Real Dead Springer For Love, Daydream Retriever (Richard McKenna) You Mastiff Been A Beautiful Baby (Gerry Collins) Cockin' All Over The World (Bill Gill) Throw To Me Your Rhythm Stick (John Sillars) Don't Lead Me This Way, Hang On Snoopy, Do You Think I'm Rex, Eh?
Just one non-runner has been notified thus far, with Monlesa Alsation set to be an absentee from heat 11 tomorrow.
A DRUNK hurled his Alsation dog at two girls who ignored his chat-up, a court heard yesterday.
There is a slight debacle halfway through our crate of stout when Fiona commandeers Daniel and announces he is going to be Wellard the alsation.
Yes an Alsation called Butch, no particular reason why.
On one occasion, I went for a walk through the woods and felt conspicuous, so I went back to the sergeants' mess and collected a dog called Max, a big alsation.