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a native or inhabitant of Alsace

breed of large shepherd dogs used in police work and as a guide for the blind

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I looked at the Alsation, it looked at me, and I just managed to get the door shut before the brute got me.
Irish Derby Ladbrokes: 10 Razldazl Jayfkay, 14 Meadow Bank Owl, Tyrur Big Mike, 16 Razldazl George, 20 Tyrur McGuigan, Uncle Eoin, 25 Barefoot Bullet, Deerfield Music, Droopys Greg, Droopys Oscar, 28 Shaneboy Fantasy, 33 Colorful Bolt, Colorful Champ, Droopys Diarra, Droopys Twirl, Kingo, Makeshift, Soviet Marco, Tyrur Quinn, What A Tornado, 40 Deerfield Sings, Melodys Royal, Mines A Pint, Mozzletoff, Pennys Viking, Royal Patrol, Tyrur Domingo, 50 Assassin Blue, Cabra Legend, Colourful Fox, Coolykereen Imp, Fatboyz Tyson, Head Rock, Krug Ninety Five, Monlesa Alsation, Movealong Rover, Piercestown Sand, Razldazl Barack, Razldazl Bugatti, Slick Seattle, Slippery Bog, Tyrur Bobby Jo, Westmead Maldini, 66 bar.
But in a speech in the Alsation town of Truchtersheim, Sarkozy said he could accept unfair competition between China and India but not between Germany and France and added: "I'm not saying that simply because I'm in Germany.
A DRUNK hurled his Alsation dog at two girls who ignored his chat-up, a court heard yesterday.
DRAMA: Ashleigh with his mum Marie Gilks, and Alsation Dougal, and (below) the Londis shop in Baginton.
At The Blue Elephant you will experience some of the finest Royal Thai cuisine in London, while at Schnecke, an Alsace taverne, you can try the finest 'tarte flambee' and exceptional German beer and Alsation wine menu.
The last straw came for the Brady family of Co Offaly when their pet Alsation, Prince, had a run-in with one of their children.
MY sister-in-law loves animals but drew the line at a large alsation.
The concluding race of the night is an open 550 where Pat Buckley's Cabra Legend looks well housed in a race where Monlesa Alsation, Droopys Diarra and Ballymac Lomu will test him.
A TEENAGE knifeman with a fear of dogs gave himself up to police when he saw their alsation, a court heard.
They pay pounds 830 a month for a five-bed house with pool with 15 outbuildings, a Turkish bath and two Alsation dogs as part of the deal
The alsation cross rescued by Tony and Polly Evans was given his new name after the couple from Wall Hill Road, Corley Moor, thought the dog's mannerisms bore a striking similarity to the chart-topping singer.
Sir, - Fancy leaving a four-year-old child with an alsation (children tease animals which then get blamed).
Stone was warned that his two alsation pets, Elvis and Nico, and security fencing around the Crossgar Road property would not be enough to protect him from renegade republicans.
After setting the pace as usual he was heavily bumped by Tranquil Time around the bottom bends and Monlesa Alsation struck for home.