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a native or inhabitant of Alsace

breed of large shepherd dogs used in police work and as a guide for the blind

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Cairns told the court that the alsatians were owned by her partner Tony Thackeray and she not only had nothing to do with them but did not even like dogs.
Alsatian cuisine borrows quite a bit from the Germanic countries that surround the region, so pork, veal, duck, and beef are the staple meats, and you should try them accompanied by a serving of the local sauerkraut (surkrut) or a side of spaetzle (a type of fried noodle).
Likewise, her chapter entitled "Alsatian Women and the Great War, 1914-1918" includes such a lengthy discussion of Alsatian politics that one begins to wonder where the women are.
The dogs, large alsatians, were still in the fields and I could see them going towards other sheep.
I READ in the Telegraph (May 27) about a man who neglected his dog, which you described as an Alsatian.
visions and divisions of Alsatian regionalism, 1870-1939.
When the owner came outside, he managed to control the alsatians but contacted paramedics when it was obvious the 21-year-old was badly injured.
West Mercia Police spokesman said: "We are investigating these incidents along with a report that two Alsatians and a Rottweiler were seen loose on March 7.
But after he had come in for breakfast and we returned only an hour or so later after doing some other daily jobs, we actually saw two, what we believe to be Alsatians, attacking the sheep.
For decades, Alsatians called the grape and wine Tokay d'Alsace.
It was a bit like Colditz in the end, lots of coppers and Alsatians tucking into some legs for an early Christmas lunch.
The Archbishop of Strasbourg was among 5,000 people attending the commemorations, which included Germans as well as Alsatians.
Yet the worst insult you can throw at the Alsatians is to assume that they are Germans.
The Dangerous Dogs Act clearly states that every type of dog is potentially dangerous, not just Alsatians and Dobermans.