German shepherd dog

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breed of large shepherd dogs used in police work and as a guide for the blind

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His Alsatian dog, Simba, allegedly attacked Brenda Pearson at his house on Front Street, Carlin How, on April 20 this year.
THE CYPRUS Voice for Animals (CVA) has called on the authorities to take action after a young Alsatian dog was left abandoned on a tiny balcony in horrifying conditions.
Even her Alsatian dog will have to learn to answer to a new name.
Hannes Denis Moschitto) backs out of going with her, Anke packs her guitar and sets off to hitch to Hamburg with her beloved Alsatian dog.
He wreaked havoc instore trying to get out until police arrived, with reinforcement in the shape of an Alsatian dog.
AN Alsatian dog under a death sentence after attacking a cyclist has had its life spared despite breaking a court order by being unmuzzled in public.
I often put a costume on my Alsatian dog Kim and called him the Hound of the Baskervilles.
The tot, who was named after the Alsatian dog which found her, is slowly adding to her 6lb admission weight, and is expected to be placed with a foster care family in the next few days.
Yes an Alsatian dog called Douxie and a pigeon we rescued from certain death called Percy.
Essex-born Cowley's cottage was deserted yesterday, with SSPCA officers now taking care of her Alsatian dog.
I had a large Alsatian dog and my chief inspector took us to Wenvoe.
A girl needed 22 stitches to a head wound after she was mauled outside her home by an Alsatian dog.
A girl of three may have been scarred for life after being mauled by a stray Alsatian dog.
A MAN has been given a suspended jail term for failing to part with an Alsatian dog.
Mr Bratin, from Walton, was hit on Richard Kelly Drive as he walked his Alsatian dog Austin, who was also killed.