German shepherd dog

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breed of large shepherd dogs used in police work and as a guide for the blind

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His Alsatian dog, Simba, allegedly attacked Brenda Pearson at his house on Front Street, Carlin How, on April 20 this year.
He housesits for his brother in LA, looking after the family's Alsatian dog while they holiday in Vietnam.
The former tugboat skipper's body was found in the kitchen of his smoke-damaged flat with his 12-year-old black Alsatian dog Lucky lying nearby.
18...And what was the name of his Alsatian dog in his show?
THE CYPRUS Voice for Animals (CVA) has called on the authorities to take action after a young Alsatian dog was left abandoned on a tiny balcony in horrifying conditions.
Hannes Denis Moschitto) backs out of going with her, Anke packs her guitar and sets off to hitch to Hamburg with her beloved Alsatian dog. She meets Ulf (Nic Romm), an eccentric musician who's just inherited his late father's waterside property, complete with a boat called Northern Star.
But, according to Ackerley, his most prized relationship was with his Alsatian dog; he wrote tenderly of this platonic love affair in My Dog Tulip (1956).
She said one of the youths grabbed the cat by the scruff of the neck and hung it in front of an Alsatian dog - who then began mauling it to death.
He and his partner, Elizabeth Davies, had been shopping with their Alsatian dog when they came across Davies, who had been drinking and who had bought a bottle of whisky.
I often put a costume on my Alsatian dog Kim and called him the Hound of the Baskervilles.
"The indoor astroturf facility was more like playing on concrete, a far cry from 4G surfaces today, while our resident security guard turned out to be an aggressive Alsatian dog!" Looking ahead, McCreery went on: "The positive investment into youth development and infrastructure, paired with the FA Elite Player Performance Plan (EPPP), should over the next few years develop a number of talented players through the academy system.
Claire Murray and George Bagnall, of Newbiggin-by-the-Sea, Northumberland, allowed their four-year-old white male Alsatian dog Max to drop to less than half its normal body weight.
Drug Shocked residents in Edinburgh's Wester Hailes area said Martin loved taking his Alsatian dog Chomp for daily walks.
I had a large Alsatian dog and my chief inspector took us to Wenvoe.
DECO, a crimebusting Alsatian dog from Wirral, has officially been named the bravest animal in Britain after winning the UK Animal Hero award.