German shepherd dog

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breed of large shepherd dogs used in police work and as a guide for the blind

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He wreaked havoc instore trying to get out until police arrived, with reinforcement in the shape of an Alsatian dog.
A BRONZE monument to a devoted Alsatian dog is being erected by a road in Samara, Russia, where it waited for eight years for its master, who was killed in a car crash.
09A THREE-YEAR OLD boy was "comfortable" in hospital after being bitten by an Alsatian dog.
The tot, who was named after the Alsatian dog which found her, is slowly adding to her 6lb admission weight, and is expected to be placed with a foster care family in the next few days.
There is a car respray workshop with a multicoloured Alsatian dog chained up outside.
A MAN was bitten by an Alsatian dog which escaped from a house in Bagillt.
Essex-born Cowley's cottage was deserted yesterday, with SSPCA officers now taking care of her Alsatian dog.
Christine Bennett and partner Steve Fordham were walking their 12-year-old pet Jake on Coatham Marsh when he was attacked by an Alsatian dog.
Claire Murray and George Bagnall, of Newbiggin-by-the-Sea, Northumberland, allowed their four-year-old white male Alsatian dog Max to drop to less than half its normal body weight.
They were told the robbery was foiled when Mr Baker's wife came out from the back of the shop with an alsatian dog.
I had a large Alsatian dog and my chief inspector took us to Wenvoe.
A girl needed 22 stitches to a head wound after she was mauled outside her home by an Alsatian dog.
If only I could have borrowed Roy's legendary golden horse Trigger for the May procession, or Bullet, his equally famous Alsatian dog.
The same alsatian dog was involved in a similar incident a year later when it sank its teeth into another man as he walked near the home of the former circuit judge, Preston Magistrates' Court heard yesterday.
The allegation centres around her neighbour's 20-year-old son Frederick Bekker, who was allegedly injured in his garden by her Alsatian dog on May 31.