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a native or inhabitant of Alsace

breed of large shepherd dogs used in police work and as a guide for the blind

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The younger of the two is believed to be an Alsatian puppy, but the breed of the older animal has not yet been determined.
The breed she is developing is called the American Alsatian, and her project began way before the phenomenon that is "Game of Thrones.
Q I have a ceramic Alsatian, quite large with a gloss finish.
AN Alsatian dog allegedly launched a vicious attack on a woman while its owner was showering in the next room.
The Alsatian and terrier cross were discovered with rubbish from recycling bins.
The owner of the Alsatian retrieved his dog and left the scene without leaving any details.
AN ALSATIAN dog named Rocky who bit a jogger called Ricky four times must be destroyed, a court has ordered.
Contract award: control group for the deployment of autonomous sensors smoke alarms (daaf) within the heritage of social landlords to areal alsatian members.
French may be the official language, but Alsatian, which is a Germanic dialect, is also spoken; and--unlike the people in many other parts of France--Alsatians are tolerant of tourists and will speak English to English speakers.
The other day an Alsatian ran across the fields and bit Fido on the leg.
In her last chapter she examines French and Alsatian reactions to Nazism, resistance, and French women's enfranchisement.
REPORTS that a 49-year-old mother died after being attacked by her pet Alsatian have been ruled out by police.
The Strasbourg versus Brussels debate also resurfaced with the proposed purchase of Building B' in the Alsatian city.
She says the Alsatian has 'a predisposition to go towards people.
visions and divisions of Alsatian regionalism, 1870-1939.