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a region of northeastern France famous for its wines

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Un bilan et un programme, Paris, Editions Alsatia, p.
German media company Bertelsmann announced on Friday (21 October) that it is to purchase the Alsatia Group, a bookshop chain based in France, in its second French bookshop chain acquisition this year.
Cottier, Paris, Du Romantisme au Marxisme, Editions Alsatia, Coll, "Sagese et Cultures", 1961, p.
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10) Josipovici here refers to an anonymous work of the German school that was painted around 1470 and is exhibited in the Unterlinden Museum in Colmar, Alsatia (oral communication).
A draft may indeed have been written at that time, but references to Behn's The Emperour of the Moon (March 1687) and Shadwell's The Squire of Alsatia (May 1688) prove that Gould added material to the poem and perhaps made other revisions as well.
Like the border country, Nigel's London embodies uneven development: the gothic spaces, along with the debtor's sanctuary in Alsatia, seem to belong to the past, while more open and public spaces belong to the modern.
Bernard of Clairvaux's Image of Womanhood," Cistercian Studies 24 (1989): 215-22; Edith Russel, "Saint Bernard et les dames de son temps," in Saint Bernard de Clairvaux, Editiones Alsatia Paris 6 (Paris: Commission d'histoire de l'ordre de Citeaux, 1953), 411-25.
Down 1 Mokes 2 Stellar 3 (see 25) 4 Lithuania 5 Pesos 6 Annam 7 Avignon 8 Heyerdahl 13 Seaworthy 14 Indonesia 16 Ayia Napa 18 Lebanon 20 Alsatia 22 (see 13ac) 23 Midas 25/3 Mount Rushmore
Haecker expressed his firm faith through dialogue (with among others the Weisse Rose group), correspondence, writing for periodicals (especially Hochland and Ludwig yon Ficker's Der Brenner), lectures, and a series of outspoken publications, two in 1944 for Joseph Rosse's illicit resistance Alsatia Verlag based in Colmar.
Whitefriars was more strongly associated with the kind of criminal life to which the Man of the Hill will shortly become involved, and there is a clear precedent in Shadwell's Squire of Alsatia for calling it simply 'the Friars'.
Further eastwards towards the River Lea loop, lay the Orchard House district of Bow Creek, an area that was said to be inhabited by a piratical and predatory population and described as a sort of Alsatia for hereditary dock thieves.
As early as 1884, "The Ward" was described as "the Alsatia and St Giles of Toronto.
He abhored fads and ripped California, in which he saw them flourishing, as "an Alsatia of retired Ford agents and crazy fat women--a paradise of 100 percent Americanism and the New Thought.
Ehrhard's biographer, Alois Dempf, considers the resulting tension between Schell and Ehrhard a partial reason for Ehrhard's move to Vienna in 1898 (Albert Ehrhard-Der Mann und sein Werk in der Geistesgeschichte um die Jahrhundertwende (Kolmar: Alsatia, 1947) 41.