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a region of northeastern France famous for its wines

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With this state of mind, Philippe Bossert offers a contemporary cuisine by mixing his Alsacian roots with the new flavours and spices available while creating something unique and fresh on the platter.
At the Cabaret Voltaire in Zurich, a Roumanian, Tristan Tzara, an Alsacian, Hans Arp, and two Germans, Hugo Ball and Richard Hulsenbeck, founded the Dada movement.
La "Route des Fromages d'Auvergne" crosses a region known for its cheese farms, which organize cheese tasting and sell <<Fromages AOC d'Auvergne: Cantal, Salers, Fourme d'Ambert, Saint-Nectaire, Bleu d'Auvergne>>; on the Alsacian routes, each small town has a tourist information centre (either at the Town Hall, or in the town hotel, which offer, free of charge, maps with a minimum set of information); The routes, which discover Roman art.
In reality, these three versions taste completely different from one another, but it doesn't seem to matter, Three or four years ago I would sell through a case of Alsacian Pinot Gris Reserve from Trimbach every 18 months.
As Barnabe, the Alsacian petty thief with no patriotic feelings, Timsit amusingly represents a more contemporary, mercenary view.