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a region of northeastern France famous for its wines

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During the meeting, they discussed aspects of cooperation between the League and the Muslims of Alsace in France for the good of Islam and Muslims, particularly in the areas of call to Allah Almighty, awareness and education.
Like in Alsace and Tuscany, JSwinetours also knows its way around Burgundy.
The names on the labels all sound German too and the most popular Alsace grape variety is Riesling.
The infographic compares the residual sugar of the top 4 Alsace Rieslings sold in the US to the amount of sugar in common beverages, such as soda, orange juice and skim milk (if they were in 750 ml bottles).
Alsace is a fabulous region studded with many fairy tale villages and towns.
Elizabeth Vlossak examines women's nationalism in nineteenth- and twentieth-century Alsace and Lorraine.
Meteor' its flagship beer, crafted with water from the Vosges Mountains, locally-sourced Alsace hops and French barley, joins Iron Horse Beverage's portfolio of beer brands.
In a country like France, where the appellation system can appear relatively arcane, Alsace, by comparison, was a beacon of light and the very essence of simplicity.
France won back Alsace at the end of World War II after hundreds of years of the two nat ions contest ing i t s ownership.
FRENCH President Nicolas Sarkozy caused outrage by saying the bitterly fought over Alsace region, won back from the Nazis in 1945, was still in Germany.
London, Jan 20 (ANI): French President Nicolas Sarkozy has sparked outrage by saying that the Alsace region, won back from the Nazis after the World War II, was still 'in Germany'.
Alsace is possibly the most picturesque wine region in France.
ALSACE Lorraine ran an excellent race in defeat at the Royal meeting and can gain compensation back at Ascot tomorrow.
examines the phenomenon of Alsatian regionalism by considering what Alsatians mean when they say "Alsace to the Alsatians"; how they present and represent their own history, culture, and traditions; how political developments in Alsace and Europe affected this regionalism; and how the regionalism of the pre-1914 period influenced that of the interwar years.